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Using The Heat Probe - KitchenAid KOMP 6610 Manual

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Using the heat probe

In all the functions found in the "Professional Roasting Functions" you
can use the heat probe in the following way:
• Set the required functions by rotating the "+/-" control knob.
• Wait for the oven to pre-heat.
• Once the required temperature has been reached, you will be
asked if you want to use the heat probe: if you do, place the food
in the oven with the probe piercing the meat (preferably in the
meatiest part-see diagram) and connect the probe to the oven on
the right wall of the oven USING AN OVEN GLOVE TO AVOID
GETTING BURNT (see diagram).
• At this point the letter "P" appears on the display as well as the
message "probe connected". The cooking starts and will end when
the probe shows the temperature indicated on the display
(different for each function). When cooking is complete, you will
be asked if you wish further cooking time (if so, set the additional
time using the "+/-" control knob).
• If you do not wish to use the probe, press "OK" to start the
cooking. The message "Probe not connected" appears and you are
asked to set the cooking time using the "+/-" control knob. Select
the required cooking time (see the cooking tables dedicated to the
Professional Functions page 17), and press "OK": the cooking
starts manually with the cooking parameters already pre-set as per
the professional function cooking tables on page 17.


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