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Showroom Mode; Safety Characteristics - KitchenAid KOMP 6610 Manual

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Showroom mode

If the word "KitchenAid" appears on the display, the oven is in the Showroom or demonstration mode
and the oven elements will not heat up.
1. Unplug then reconnect the oven from the mains within 60 seconds:
2. Rotate the On/Off – Functions Selection control button to "Rapid preheating"
3. Press the "<<" button
4. Rotate the On/Off – Functions Selection control button to "0" position
5. Press the "OK" button.
Do the same to enter the showroom mode sequence

Safety Characteristics

Child safety control panel lock.
To turn the "child safety" device on or off:
Simultaneously press the "<<" and "OK" buttons for at least 5 seconds.
If turned on, the Function control knob and push buttons are locked and the
icon appears on the
Note: This function can be activated when you are cooking.
Automatic turn off device
For safety purposes, the oven will automatically turn off after 4h 30mins of continuous running (except for
Special Functions).
Door locking device during Pyrolysis
For safety purposes, when the Pyrolysis cycle is on, the door is automatically locked by a mechanical
device that keeps the door locked as long as the display shows "Locked door". For safety purposes, if the
door locking device is not working, it is impossible to run the Pyrolysis cycle. The
symbol appears
on the display. If this is the case, you must call out the Customer Care Centre before you run the Pyrolysis
cycle again. The oven can, however, be used normally.
Request for confirmation when the settings are changed
Bringing the control knob back to the original position, the display will once again show the current
cooking settings. In any case, until the user confirms their desire to change the settings, the oven continues
with the cooking. If the Functions control knob is rotated during cooking, the oven asks for confirmation of
this choice in order to prevent accidentally changing the cooking settings.
Stand by
To save energy you can turn the display off (OFF display method) by pressing the "<<" button with the
Functions control knob in the "0" position. To make the display visible again, press the "<<" key again
with the Functions control knob in the "0" position.


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