KitchenAid Koss 6610 Product Sheet

KitchenAid Koss 6610 Product Sheet


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KOSS 6610
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  • Page 1 KOSS 6610 Product sheet...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Product description Accessories Control panel Description of the control panel Using the oven for the first time Settings Resetting the language Showroom Mode Safety Characteristics Timer Special Functions Professional Functions Oven functions table Table for Dual - left - turbogrill cooking Table for Static and Fan cooking Professional and special cooking table Cleaning...
  • Page 4: Product Description

    Product description Control panel Water filling drawer Cooling fan (not visible) " The fan may continue to operate even after you have turned the appliance off. This helps the § oven to cool down. Water emptying nozzle Top shelf & Grill protector Middle shelf This prevents direct contact with the grill.
  • Page 5: Accessories

    Accessories Baking tray Wire shelf Pan Set Steamer Dehydration rack Control panel 1. On/Off – Function Selection control knob 2. Cancel selection or return to previous selection button 3. Confirmation button 4. Control knob for changing predefined levels (temperature/time/levels) and moving from one function to another.
  • Page 6: Description Of The Control Panel

    Description of the control panel The Functions selection control knob is used to select the different oven functions. Each turn of the control knob corresponds with a function: Turn the F control knob four clicks anticlockwise. The word SETTINGS appears. By pressing the cancellation button “<<”, you can cancel the set operation and return to the previous display.
  • Page 7: Resetting The Language

    2. Select the required language using the “-/+” control knob and confirm the choice by pressing “OK”. Showroom mode If the word “KitchenAid” appears on the display, the oven is in the Showroom or demonstration mode and the oven elements will not heat up.
  • Page 8: Safety Characteristics

    Safety Characteristics Child safety control panel lock. To turn the “child safety” device on or off: Simultaneously press the “<<” and “OK” buttons for at least 5 seconds. If turned on, the Function control knob and push buttons are locked and the icon appears on the display.
  • Page 9: Timer

    Timer The timer can only be used when the oven is not on and allows you to set a maximum time of 3 hours and 59 minutes. To set the timer: 1. Keep the Functions control knob in the “0” position. 2.
  • Page 10: Special Functions

    Special Functions • KEEPING WARM Keeps cooked food hot. The oven will maintain a constant temperature of 60°C. It is best to use the bottom shelf position. Both the end and duration of the function can be set. • DEFROST To defrost food at room temperature.
  • Page 11: Professional Functions

    Professional Functions By positioning the “Functions Selection” control knob on one of professional functions “PRO”, you will be able to access the preset professional cooking functions. You can select the recipe you want from among the 11 memorised recipes using the “+/-” control knob. Press “OK”...
  • Page 12: Oven Functions Table

    Oven functions table Function Pre-set Adjustable Function description temperature temperature 200°C 50°C - 250°C To pre-heat the oven quickly. Rapid heating When the set temperature is reached, the function automatically turns off and a signal is emitted to indicate the automatic change of the oven to STATIC function.
  • Page 13: Table For Dual - Left - Turbogrill Cooking

    Table for Dual - left - turbogrill cooking FOOD Function Shelf position Heat Level Cooking time (Max) (minutes) (from the bottom) Steaks 30 - 40 Cutlets 30 - 40 Sausages 30 - 40 Chops 35 - 45 Fish (slices) 30 - 40 Chicken thighs 40 - 50 Kebabs...
  • Page 14: Table For Static And Fan Cooking

    Table for Static and Fan cooking Food Function Pre-heating Shelf position Extra browning Temperature Cooking time (from the bottom) level (°C) (minutes) Lamb, kid, mutton 95 - 110 100 - 110 95 - 110 Roasts (veal, pork, beef) (1 kg) 100 - 110 Chicken, rabbit, 80 - 90...
  • Page 15 Table for Static and Fan cooking Food Function Pre-heating Shelf position Extra browning Temperature Cooking time (from the bottom) level (°C) (minutes) Filled 80 - 90 pastries(cheese) 70 - 80 40 - 50 Tart 40 - 50 Strudel 50 - 55 1 - 3 50 - 55 Biscuits...
  • Page 16: Professional And Special Cooking Table

    Professional and special cooking table Professional function Pre-heating Shelf position Temperature Cooking time BREAD BAKING (from the bottom) (°C) (minutes) Tradit. bread Automatic 40-50 Malt bread Automatic 40-50 Pan pizza Automatic 30-40 Thin pizza Automatic 12-20 Focaccia Automatic 35-40 Bread sticks Automatic 20-30 Professional function...
  • Page 17: Cleaning

    Cleaning The Cleaning function offers the following options: • Steam cleaning • Descaling Using the steam cleaning function The steam cleaning function makes cleaning the oven easier. It is particularly useful when cleaning the inside glass of the door. All food residues should be removed with a wet sponge before using this function. Check that the water reservoir is filled up to the medium or maximum level (if necessary refill following the instruction in the section filling the reservoir).
  • Page 18: Steam Cooking Function

    Steam cooking function GENERAL DESCRIPTION Your oven steam cooking function enables you cooking your food making the most of the benefits offered by cooking with steam. Compared with the traditional hot air cooking flow, steam spreads more evenly through your foods, reducing cooking time, preserving their nutritional value, ensuring the best and most inviting results for your recipes.
  • Page 19: Steam Cooking Table

    Steam cooking table ** The amount of water to introduce in the reservoir is indicated for each type of food. Food Container Function Shelf position Temperature Heat probe Cooking time (from the bottom) (°C) (°C) (minutes) roast beef med. pyrex meat 55-60 MEAT...
  • Page 20: Using The Heat Probe

    Using the heat probe The heat probe can be used during cooking using the steam functions for meat, poultry or manual. Before using the probe, the desired function should be set. • Insert the heat probe in the thickest part of the meat (see diagram).
  • Page 21: Filling/Emptying Of The Water

    Filling/emptying of the water Filling the water reservoir When using the steam function fill the water reservoir inside the oven using the control panel drawer. Lightly press the drawer to open it. Pour the water using a measuring jug (see figure). Close the drawer by pushing it gently until completely closed.
  • Page 22: Steamer

    Steamer Steamer FUNCTION Select the STEAMER function and proceed as follows: 1. Place the food ready for cooking on the perforated shelf ensuring that this is correctly positioned inside the drip pan (see fig. 1-2). 2. Position the oven grid support ensuring that the 4 feet are correctly placed in their seats (see fig.
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