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Proofing Bread; Temperature Probe - KitchenAid SUPERBA KEBS278 Use & Care Manual

Built-in electric convection single and double ovens
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Proofing Bread

Proofing bread prepares dough for baking by activating the
yeast. Proofing twice is recommended unless the recipe directs
To Proof:
Before first proofing, place dough in a lightly greased bowl and
cover loosely with wax paper coated with shortening. Place on
rack guide 2, then place broiler pan on guide 1. See "Positioning
Racks and Bakeware" for diagram. Close door.
1. On double ovens only, touch UPPER OVEN or LOWER OVEN.
The cavity symbol will indicate which oven was chosen.
2. Touch BREAD PROOF. Display will show 100°F (38°C).
3. Touch START.
Let dough rise until nearly doubled in size, check at 20 to
25 minutes. Proofing time may vary depending on dough type
and quantity.
finished proofing.
Before second proofing, shape dough, place in baking pan(s) and
cover loosely with plastic wrap coated with cooking spray. Follow
same placement, and control steps above. Before baking,
remove plastic wrap.

Temperature Probe

(single, upper and, on some models, lower oven)
Burn Hazard
Use an oven mitt to remove temperature probe.
Do not touch broil element.
Failure to follow these instructions can result in burns.
The temperature probe accurately measures the internal
temperature of meat, poultry and casseroles with liquid and
should be used in determining the doneness of meat and poultry.
It should not be used during full and center broiling, convection
broiling, dehydrating or proofing bread.
Always unplug and remove the temperature probe from the oven
when removing food.
To Use:
Before using, insert the probe into the food item. (For meats, the
probe tip should be located in the center of the thickest part of
the meat and not into the fat or touching a bone). Place food in
oven and connect the temperature probe to the jack. Keep probe
as far away from heat source as possible. Close oven door.
1. On double ovens only, touch UPPER OVEN or LOWER OVEN.
This step is necessary only if a meat probe is plugged into the
upper and lower cavity at the same time. If only 1 meat probe
is used, cavity focus is automatically switched to the oven
that the meat probe is plugged into.
2. Touch the number keys to enter a probe temperature, if other
than 160°F (75°C). The probe temperature is the desired
internal temperature of the food when it is done. The
temperature can be set between 130°F and 190°F (55°C and
Touch number keys to enter a temperature other than the one
displayed. The oven temperature is the temperature given in
the recipe.
4. Touch START.
The set oven temperature will appear on the oven display
throughout cooking.
"Lo°" will appear as the probe temperature until the internal
temperature of the food reaches 130°F (54°C). Then the
display will show the temperature increasing.
When the set probe temperature is reached, the oven will
shut off automatically and "Cooking Complete" will appear on
the oven display.
If enabled, end-of-cycle tones will sound, then reminder
tones will sound every minute.
5. Touch OFF, UPPER OVEN OFF or, on some models, LOWER
OVEN OFF, or open the oven door to clear the display and/or
stop reminder tones.
6. Always unplug and remove the temperature probe from the
oven when removing food. The probe symbol will remain lit in
the display until the probe is unplugged.
To Change Probe Temperature, Oven Setting:
1. Unplug probe, plug back in, then close oven door.
2. Follow steps 1 through 6 in the "To Use" section.

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