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Kenmore 363.63672 Installation Instructions Manual

Speedcook ovens
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363.63672, 3 63.63673, 3 63.63674, 3 63.63679,
363.63692, 3 63.63693, 3 63.63694, 3 63.63699
Read these
and carefully.
- Save t hese
for local inspector's
- Obse_e a ll
and ordinances.
• Note
to Installer
- Be sure to leave these
with the Consumer.
• Note to Consumer
- Keep
for future
• Skill level - Insta!ladon of dais appliance
basic mechanical
and electrical skills.
• Proper
is the responsibility
of the installer.
• Product
due to improper
is not
the Warranty.



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  • Page 1 Installation Speedcook Instructions vens 363.63672, 3 63.63673, 3 63.63674, 3 63.63679, 363.63692, 3 63.63693, 3 63.63694, 3 63.63699 BEFORE YOU BEGIN • Note to Consumer - Keep Read these instructions completely and carefully. these instructions for future reference. • IMPORTANT - Save t hese •...
  • Page 2 Installation Instructions CONTENTS Outside Top Exhaust ..... 19-22 General information Attach Mounting Plate to Wall ..PrepaFation of'Fop Cabinet ..Important Safety Instructions ....Adapting Blower for Electrical Requirements ..... Top Exhaust ....20, 21 Hood Exhaust ......4, 5 Assemble and Install Adapter ..
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    Installation Instructions IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS This product requires a thre_prong grounded oudet. You should have the wall receptacle and circuit checked The installer must pecfonn a gTound continuity check on by a qualified elec_clan to make sure the receptacle is the power outlet box before beginning the installation to properly grounded.
  • Page 4: Hood Exhaust

    Installation Instructions HOOD EXHAUST NOT_ Read these next two pages only if you plan to vent your exhaust to the outside. If you plan to reclrculate the air back into the room, proceed to page 6. OUTSIDE TOP EXHAUST (EXAMPLE ONLY) The following chart desclibes an example of one possible ductwork installation.
  • Page 5: Hood Exhaust

    Installation Instructions NOTE: If you need to install ducts, note that the total duct Maximum duct length: length of 3¼" x 10" rectangular or 6" diameter round duct For satisfactory air movement, the total duct length should not exceed 140 equivalent feet. ".5¼"x 10"...
  • Page 6: Damage---Shipment/Installation

    Installation Instructions PARTS INCLUDED DAMAGE SHIPMENT/ INSTALLATION ADDITIONAL PARTS • If the unit is damaged in shipment, retuna the unit to the PART QUANTITY store in which it was bought for repair or replacement. TopCabinet • If the unit is damaged by the customer, repair or Template TOp CABINJ_i"...
  • Page 7 Installation Instructions TOOLS YOU WILL NEED Ruler ortapemeasure Carpenter s quare # 1and#2 Phillipsscrewdriver Pencil eight edge (optional) ]in snips(for cutting damper,if required) Scissors Electricdrill with 3Ag'. _6". (to cut template, if necessary) Vz"and_" drill bits Fillerblocksor scrap wood pieces,if needed for top cabinetspacing (usedon recessedbottom cabinetinstallationsonly)
  • Page 8: Finding The Wall Studs

    Installation Instructions PLACEMENT OF THE MOUNTING PLATE REMOVING THE OVEN FROM FINDING THE WALL STUDS THE CARTON/REMOVING MOUNTING PLATE Remove the box containing the installation instructions, filters, exhaust adapter, damper ii wail and the small hardware bag. Do not remove the Styrofoam protecting the front of the oven.
  • Page 9 Installation Instructions DETERMINING WALL PLATE LOCATION UNDER YOUR CABINET Plate position - beneath flat bottom Plate position - beneath framed recessed cabinet bottom cabinet Mounting PlateTabs Mounting Plate Tabs the CabinetBottom Touching theBack Frame 30"toCooktop At least 30", up to 36" Plate position - beneath recessed...
  • Page 10: Aligning The Wall Plate

    Installation Instructions ALIGNING THE WALL PLATE Drawa Vertical Line onWall • ,,e--frorn Centerof TopCabinet HoleC Hole D CAUTION: Wear gloves Area E to avoid cutting fingers on sharp edges. NOTE: Holes C and D are inside area E, ff neither Draw a vertical line on the wall at the center of the C nor D is in a stud, find a stud somewhere in area E...
  • Page 11: Installation Types

    Installation Instructions INSTALLATION TYPES (Choose A, B or C) This oven is designed for adaptation to file following NOTE: This oven is shipped assembled for Recirculating 3 types of ventilation: Exhaust. Select the type of ventilation required for your installation and proceed to that section. A.
  • Page 12: Attach Mounting Plate To Wall

    Installation Instructions RECIRCULATING (Non-Vented Ductless) INSTALLATION OVERVIEW A1. Attach Mounting Plate to Wall A2. Prepare Top Cabinet A3. Mount Oven A4. Install Charcoal Filter NOTE: exhaust adapter with damper is not needed reeirculating models. You may want to save it for possible future use.
  • Page 13: Mount The Oven

    Installation Instructions USE TOP CABINET TEMPLATE MOUNT THE OVEN FOR PREPARATION OF TOP CABINET You need to drill holes for the top support screws, and a hole large enough for the power cord to fit through. FOR EASIER INSTALLATION AND PERSONAL SAFETY, WE RECOMMEND THAT TWO PEOPLE INSTALL TillS OVEN.
  • Page 14: Mount The Oven

    Installation Instructions [_-_] MOUNT THE OVEN INSTALLING CHARCOAL FILTER (continued) Remove 2 screws on top of grille using CabinetFront Phillips screwdriver. CabinetBottomShelf Open die doon Remove the grille. Equivalent t o Depth efCabinet Recess Self-AligningScrew OvenTop Attach the oven to the top cabinet. Insert 2 self-aligning screws...
  • Page 15: Outside Back Exhaust

    Installation Instructions OUTSIDE BACK EXHAUST (Horizontal Duct) INSTALLATION OVERVIEW B1. Prepare Rear Wall B2. Attach Mounting Plate to Wall B3. Prepare Top Cabinet B4. Adjust Blower B5. Mount Oven ATTACH THE MOUNTING PREPARING THE REAR WALL PLATE TO THE WALL FOR OUTSIDE BACK EXHAUST You need to cut an opening...
  • Page 16: Back Exhaust

    Installation Instructions To use toggle bolts: ADAPTING BLOWER FOR OUTSIDE BACK EXHAUST Spacingfor TogglesMore ThanWall Thickness [_ Remove the three screws that hold the blower plate Toggle Wings to dae oven. Slide blower plate from under its Mounting retaining flange. Remove and save the screw that Plate holds blower motor to oven.
  • Page 17 Installation Instructions Gently remove the wires from the grooves. same Replace the blower plate in the posidon Reroute the wires through grooves on other side as before with the screws. of the blower unit. , €. B'°B, eorwPLT BeforeRerouting After Beroudng BeokofOven Insert the tabs on each side of the damper...
  • Page 18: Mount The Oven

    Installation Instructions CabinetFront MOUNT THE OVEN CabinetBottomShelf FillerBlock quivalent to Depth of Cabinet Recess Self-AligningScrew EASIER INSTALLATION AND PERSONAL SAFETY, WE RECOMMEND THAT TWO PEOPLE OvenTop INSTALL THIS OVEN. [_]Attachthe oven to the top cabinet. IMPORTANT: Do not grip or use handle during installation.
  • Page 19: Outside Top Exhaust

    Installation Instructions OUTSIDE TOP EXHAUST (Vertical Duct) INSTALLATION OVERVIEW C1. Attach Mounting Plate to Wall C2. Prepare Top Cabinet C3. Adjust Blower CA. Install Adapter C5. Mount Oven C6. Adjust Exhaust Adapter C7. Connect Ductwork ATTACH THE MOUNTING To use toggle bolts: PLATE TO THE WALL SpacingforToggles...
  • Page 20: Top Exhaust

    Installation Instructions USE TOP CABINET TEMPLATE Carefully. pull out the blower unit. The wires FOR PREPARATION OF TOP will extend far enough to allow you to adjust blower trait. CABINET You need to drill holes for the top support screws, a hole large enough for the power cord to fit through and a cutout large enough...
  • Page 21: Top Exhaust

    Installation Instructions ADAPTING BLOWER FOR MOUNT THE OVEN TOP EXHAUST (continued} [_] Place the blower unit ]_ack into the opening. CAUTION: Do not pull or stretch the blower unit wiring. Make sure the wires are not pinched. FOR EASIER INSTALLATION AND PERSONAL SAFETY,,WE RECOMMEND THAT TWO PEOPLE INSTALL THIS OVEN.
  • Page 22: Adjust The Exhaust Adapter

    Installation Instructions MOUNT THE OVEN ADJUST THE EXHAUST ADAPTER (continued) [_] Insert a seK-'aligning screw tbrougta top center cabinet Open tile top cabinet adjust tile exhaust adapter hole. Temporarily secure the oven by turning the to connect to the house duct.
  • Page 23: You Use Your Oven

    Installation Instructions BEFORE YOU USE YOUR OVEN Make sure the oven has been installed Read the Use & Care Guide. according to instructions. [ff_] KEEP INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE LOCAL INSPECTOR'S USE. [--_] Remove all packing material from the oven. Install turntable and wheeled ring in cavity.
  • Page 25 Instrucciones Hornos de de instalacion Speedcook 363.63672, 3 63.63673, 3 63.63674, 3 63.63679, 363.63692, 3 63.63693, 3 63.63694, 3 63.63699 ANTES DE EMPEZAR Lea estas insU-ucciones completa y cuidadosamente. consumidor • Nota para - Guarde estas instrucciones para futut-a referencia.
  • Page 26: Table Of Contents

    Instrucciones de instalacion CONTENIDO Escape superior exterior ... 43-46 C6mo adherir el plato de Informacibn general montaje a la pared ....Instrucclones de seguridad importantes ..C6mo preparar el gabinete Requisltos el_ctrlcos ..superior ...... t °°o. °oo° °°° .°_° °...
  • Page 27 Instrucciones de instalacibn INSTRUCCIONES DE SEGURIDAD IMPORTANTES Deberfi hacer que un t6mico calificado inspeccione el Este producto requiere un tomacorfiente el_cu'ico de tres tomacorriente de pared y el drcuito para asegurarse de pat_s conectado a tien'a. El instalador debe lleval: a cabo que el tomacorriente est_ conectado a fierra de manera tma inspecci6n de continuidad...
  • Page 28: [] Escape Superior Exterior

    Instrucciones de instalacibn CAMPANA DE ESCAPE NOTA: Lea las _guientes dos p_ginas solamente si planea ventilar el escape hacia el exterior. Si por el contrario plauea recircular el aire de vuelta hada el sal6n, continue en la pfigina 30. ESCAPE SUPERIOR EXTERNO (EJEMPLO SOLAMENTE) La sigaliente labia describe un ejemplo de una posible instalaci6n de red de conductos.
  • Page 29 Instrucciones de instalacibn NOTA: Si usted necesita instalar conductos, tenga pendiente Longitud mdxima del conducto: que la longimd total del conducto rectangular de 3¼" x 10" Para lograr tm movimiento safisfactorio del aire, la longimd o el conducto redondo de 6" de di_rne_o no debe sobrepasar total del conducto rectangadar...
  • Page 30: Superior

    Instrucciones de instalacibn PARTES INCLUIDAS DAI IOS - ENViO / INSTALACION PARTES ADICIONALES • Si la tmidad se dafia durante el envlo, de'alelva la unidad CANTIDAD PARTE al ahnacdn donde la adquiri6 para su reparaci6n o Plantillapara reemplazo. el gabinete TOP CABINET 1EMFLATE •...
  • Page 31: Herramientas Que Necesitarfi

    Instrucciones de instalacibn HERRAMIENTAS QUE NECESITARA Lapiz Desternilladores de estrella ecta y cintam_trica Escuadra de #1y#2 carpintero :::::::::::::::::::::::::: (opcional) _jeras para cortarlat0n (paracortarel regulador ]ijeras (paracortar la de tire. si esneeesario) Taladroelectricocon brocasde plantilla,si es necesario) Bloquesde relleno o ¾6", 7A_". lh" y _" pedazos de madera,si son necesaries pare rellenarel gabinete(usadosselamente...
  • Page 32: De Escape

    Instrucciones de instalacion C6MO COLOCAR EL PLATO DE MONTAJE 1-_ COMO REMOVER EL HORNO COMO ENCONTRAR DEL EMBALAJE / COMO POSTES DE VIGA EN LA PARED REMOVER EL PLATO DE MONTAJE [_] Remueva la caja que contiene las instrucciones instalaci6n, los filtros, el adaptador de escape,...
  • Page 33 Instrucciones de instalacion C. COMO DETERMINAR LA LOCALIZACION DEL PLATO DE MONTAJE DEBAJO DE SU GABINETE Posicibn del plato - debajo de gabinetes Posici6n del plato - debajo de gabinetes fondo piano fondo apoyado en un marco Lasorejillas del platode montajetocanel rondo del gebinete Lasorejillas del plato...
  • Page 34: En La Pared

    Instrucciones de instalacibn COMO ALINEAR EL PLATO DE MONTAJE SOBRE LA PARED TraceunaIfneavertical en Japareda partir -t'---del centrodel gabinete superior AgujeroC - Oi 0 PRECAUCI6N: guantes de protecd6n AgujeroO Area E para evitar cortaduFas en sus dedos con los extremos filosos. Trace una lfnea vertical en la pared en el centro...
  • Page 35: Tipos De Instalaci6N

    Instrucciones de instalacibn TIPOS DE INSTALACION (Escoja A, B o C) Este homo estfi,disefiado pava adaptal'se a los siguientes u-es NOTA: Este hol31O es enviado ya ensamblado pava tipos de venfilaci6n: Recirculaci6n. Seleccione el tipo de vendlaci6n requetido pal'a su instalaci6n y proceda a tal secci6n.
  • Page 36 Instrucciones de instalacibn RECIRCULACI6N (Sin conducto de ventilacibn) PERSPECTIVA GENERAL DE LA INSTALACION AI. Como adherir el plato de montaje a la pared A2. Prepare el gabinete superior ,4,3. Monte el homo A4. Instale el filtro de carbonilla NOTka El adaptador del escape regulador de tiro no es necesario...
  • Page 37 Instrucciones de instalacibn USE LA PLANTILLA DEL COMO MONTAR EL HORNO GABINETE SUPERIOR PARA LA PREPARACION DEL GABINETE Deber_i perforar agujeros para los tornillos de apoyo snperiores, y on agujero suficientemente grande para que el cable el6ctrico quepa. PARA OBTENER UNA INSTALACION MAS Ei_CIL Y EN POS DE LA SEGURIDAD...
  • Page 38 Instrucciones de instalacibn COMO INSTALAR EL FILTRO COMO MONTAR EL HORNO DE CARBONILLA (continuacibn) Remueva los 2 tornillos en la parte superior de la Frentedel gabinete rejilla usando un destornillador de estrella. _._ __../Estante del fondo del gabinete [_ Abra la puerta. Remueva la rejilla.
  • Page 39: Montajea La Pared

    Instrucciones de instalacibn ESCAPE POSTERIOR EXTERNO (Conducto horizontal) PERSPECTIVA GENERAL DE LA INSTALACION B1. Prepare la pared posterior B2. Pegue el plato de montaje a la pared B3. Prepare el gabinete superior B4. Ajuste el calefactor B5. Monte el homo COMO PREPARAR LA PARED COMO ADHERIR EL PLATO DE...
  • Page 40: Superior

    Instrucciones de instalacibn Para usar los tornillos basculantes: COMO ADAPTAR EL CALEFACTOR PARAEL ESCAPEEXTERIOR Espaciadores p ara los basculantes POSTERIOR mayores el anchode la pared ;Alasde mariposa Remueva y guarde los tomillos que sosfienen Plato el plato del calefactor en el homo. Deslice el plato del calefactor de abajo de su reborde de retenci6n.
  • Page 41 Instrucciones de instalacibn Fannras. Suavemente remueva los alambres de las Coloque el plato calefactor en la misma Redirija los alambres a tray, s de las ranuras en el posici6n come estaba antes los tomillos. otro lade de la unidad del calefactor. I' 1p4._--- Tornillosdel platocalefactor Antes de redirigirlos Despuesde redirigirlos...
  • Page 42 Instrucciones de instalacibn Frentedelgabinete MONTAJE DEL HORNO i.,,_/_ Estantedel fondo del gabinete Bloquede relleno Ja profundidad ll_'lllfltlllI)llll £ _;I rgeatbir°nCetSe ° PAPA UNA INSTALACION Mfi_S FfitCIL Y EN POS £artesuperiordel home DE LA SEGURIDAD PERSONAL, SE RECOMIENDA QUE DOS PERSONAS INSTALEN ESTE HORNO.
  • Page 43 Instrucciones de instalacibn ESCAPE SUPERIOR EXTERIOR (Conducto vertical) PERSPECTIVA GENERAL DE LA INSTALACIC)N CI. Pegue el plato de montaje a la pared C2. Prepare el gabinete superior C3. Ajuste el calefactor C4. Instale el adaptador C5. Monte el homo C6. Ajuste el adaptador de escape C7.
  • Page 44 Instrucciones de instalacibn USE LA PLANTILLA DE [3] Cuidadosmnente tire del calefactor. Los alambres se extender_n lo suficiente para permitirle GABINETE SUPERIOR PARA LA usted ajuste la unidad del calefactor. PREPARACION DEL GABINETE Deber'ii perfomr agaxjeros para los tornillos de apoyo superiores, un agaijero suficientemente grande para que...
  • Page 45 Instrucciones de instalacibn COMO ADAPTAR EL MONTAJE DEL HORNO CALEFACTOR PARA ESCAPE SUPERIOR (continuaci6n) [_] Coloque la unidad del calefactor de nuevo en la abermra. PRECAUCION: No tire ni estire los cables del calefactor. Cerci6rese de que los alambres estfin pellizcados. PARA UNA INSTALACION Mfi_SFACIL Y EN POS DE LA SEGURIDAD PERSONAL, SE RECOMIENDA...
  • Page 46 Instrucciones de instalacibn MONTAJE DEL HORNO C0MO AJUSTAR (continuacidn) ADAPTADOR DE ESCAPE [_] Inserte un tornillo de autoalineaci6n a trav_s del Abra el gabinete superior y ajuste el adaptador agujero cenu'al superior del gab'mete. Asegure el hot-no escape para conectarlo al conducto de la casa.
  • Page 47 Instrucciones de instalacibn ANTES DE COMENZAR A USAR SU HORNO Enchufe el cable eMctrico en un tomacon'iente Cerci6rese de que el borno ha sido instalado de acuerdo con las instrucciones. exclusivo de 15 a 20 amperios. CerciOrese queexisteuna / (_|_ conexi6n a tierra apropiada Lea la Gufa para el Uso y Cuidado.
  • Page 48 [.SR40299-2_ 3828W5u0128 o73_ Printed in Korea Impreso en Corea...