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HP PROCURVE 2910AL Configuration Manual: Authorized Ip Managers For Ipv6; Usage Notes

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Authorized IP Managers for IPv6

The Authorized IP Managers feature uses IP addresses and masks to deter­
mine which stations (PCs or workstations) can access the switch through the
network. This feature supports switch access through:
Telnet and other terminal emulation applications
Web browser interface
SNMP (with a correct community name)
As with the configuration of IPv4 management stations, the Authorized IP
Managers for IPv6 feature allows you to specify the IPv6-based stations that
can access the switch.

Usage Notes

You can configure up to ten authorized IPv4 and IPv6 manager addresses
on a switch, where each address applies to either a single management
station or a group of stations. Each authorized manager address consists
of an IPv4 or IPv6 address and a mask that determines the individual
management stations that are allowed access.
You configure authorized IPv4 manager addresses using the ip autho­
rized-managers command. For more information, refer to the "Using
Authorized IP Managers" chapter in the Access Security Guide.
You configure authorized IPv6 manager addresses using the ipv6
authorized-managers command. For more information, see "Configur­
ing Authorized IP Managers for Switch Access" on page 6-5.
You can block all IPv4-based or all IPv6-based management stations from
accessing the switch by entering the following commands:
To block access to all IPv4 manager addresses while allowing access
to IPv6 manager addresses, enter the ip authorized-managers
To block access to all IPv6 manager addresses while allowing access
to IPv4 manager addresses, enter the ipv6 authorized-managers :: com­
mand. (The double colon represents an IPv6 address that consists of
all zero's: 0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0.)
IPv6 Management Security Features
Authorized IP Managers for IPv6




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