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IPv6 Diagnostic and Troubleshooting
DNS Resolver for IPv6
Syntax:. [no] ip dns domain-name < domain-name-suffix >
For example, suppose you want to configure the following on the switch:
Assume that the above, configured DNS server supports an IPv6 device having
a host name of "mars-1" (and an IPv6 address of fe80::215:60ff:fe7a:adc0) in
the "" domain. In this case you can use the device's host
name alone to ping the device because the domain has
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The no form of the command removes the specified address
from the server address list configured on the switch.
< ip-addr >: Specifies the address of an IPv6 or IPv4 DNS server.
Used at the global config level to configure the domain suffix
that is automatically appended to the host name entered with
a command supporting DNS operation. Configuring the
domain suffix is optional if you plan to use fully qualified
domain names in all cases instead of just entering host names.
You can configure up to three addresses for DNS servers in the
same or different domains. However, you can configure only
one domain name suffix. This means that a fully qualified
domain name must be used to resolve addresses for hosts that
do not reside in the same domain as the one you configure
with this command. That is, if the domain name suffix and
the address of a DNS server for that same domain are both
configured on the switch, then you need to enter only the host
name of the desired target when executing a command that
supports DNS operation. But if the DNS server used to resolve
the host name for the desired target is in a different domain
than the domain configured with this command, then you need
to enter the fully qualified domain name for the target.
The no form of the command removes the configured domain
name suffix.
the address 2001:db8::127:10 which identifies a DNS server in the domain
a priority of 1 for the above server
the domain suffix




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