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< ipv6-addr >: If this is a link-local address, use this IPv6
address format:
fe80::< device-id >%vlan< vid >
For example:
If this is a global unicast or anycast address, use this IPv6
< ipv6-addr >
For example:

Using Auto-TFTP for IPv6

The auto-TFTP for IPv6 feature automatically downloads a software image to
a switch, on which TFTP client functionality is enabled, from a specified IPv6­
based device at switch startup. You must reboot the switch to implement the
downloaded software image by entering the boot system flash primary or reload
Syntax: auto-tftp <ipv6-addr > <filename >
Configures the specified software file on the TFTP server at
the specified IPv6 address to be automatically downloaded
into primary flash memory at switch startup.
Note: In order for the auto-TFTP feature to copy a
software image to primary flash memory, the version
number of the downloaded software file (for example,
E.10.78) must be different from the version number of
the primary flash image.
The no form of the command disables auto-TFTP operation.
This command deletes the auto-tftp entry from the startup
configuration, and prevents auto-tftp operation if the switch
The no auto-tftp command does not affect the current TFTP-
enabled configuration on the switch.
TFTP File Transfers Over IPv6
IPv6 Management Features




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