Catalysor; Accessories - Miele H 248 Operating Instructions Manual

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Extra accessories
(May come as standard items with
some appliances).
These are available at extra cost from
your Dealer or the Miele Domestic
Sales dept.
To take the baking trays or the roast-
ing / grill pan out of the oven, or to put
them into it.
To be placed in the grill pan when grill-
The juices from the food being grilled
are gathered under the anti-splash tray,
rather than being dried out, and they
can then be used in sauces etc.
The telescopic carriage with 5 levels of
runners can be drawn right out of the
This gives a good overview of all the
cooking in progress.
A catalysor can be built into the cooling
system of the cooker or oven to filter
fatty vapours and reduce food smells.
The appliances H 248, H 258 und
H 268 can also be retrospectively fitted
– a receiver for the radio controlled
clock signal,
– the Miele Info Control.
A receiver for the radio controlled clock
signal is connected to the cooker or
oven. Time of day adjustment occurs
automatically on receipt of the signal.
A transmitter unit may be connected to
the cooker or oven. This is used to
transmit information at any time about a
cooking process (e.g. temperature,
delay start, time remaining) to the
mobile receiver.

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