Energy-Save Function; Oven Lighting - Miele H 248 Operating Instructions Manual

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If you are programming a cooking pro-
cess using the timer, or if you are cook-
ing with the roast probe, the residual
heat is automatically used to save en-
Shortly before the end of the cooking
time the oven heating switches off.
The letters "EC" in the display field indi-
cate that the energy-save function is in
The residual heat in the oven is suffi-
cient to complete the cooking process.
The cooling fan continues to run, as
does the hot air fan if a "fan" setting
had been chosen.
When the oven is in operation the oven
lighting goes out approx. 15 seconds
after pressing the last button, to save
If you wish to switch the lighting
back on for a short time, press one
of the buttons.
The oven lighting goes on automatically
when an oven function has been se-
lected and the oven door is opened.
If preferred, you can set the oven light-
ing to come on automatically as soon
as an oven function has been selected,
(see the Section on Programmable
Between the hours of 22:00 and 6:00
the lighting in the clock / timer display
is dimmed automatically to give a slight
energy saving.

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