Telescopic Carriage - Miele H 248 Operating Instructions Manual

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Cleaning and care
To make cleaning easier
– remove the oven door,
– take out the telescopic carriage or
the runners,
– take out the back panel
– lower the Top Heat heating element.
Please note : the oven door is quite
heavy. It should be gripped firmly at
the sides when being removed or re-
Open the door fully.
Before the door can be removed,
the door hinges need to be locked
so that they do not damage the
door when it is taken out.
Flip down the locking clamps on
each door hinge. This locks the
Lift up the door until the hinges
disengage. Remove the door.
Hold the door as shown above and
carefully put the locked hinges into
the guide holes until they engage.
Open the door fully.
Still supporting the door, flip the lock-
ing clamps up.
It is essential that the locking
clamps are flipped up when the
door is re-fitted after cleaning.
Otherwise on closing the door, the
hinges could work loose from the
guide holes and this could result in
damage to the door.

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