Anti-Splash Tray - Miele H 248 Operating Instructions Manual

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Clean, wipe and season. Do not salt
slices of meat beforehand as this de-
tracts from the taste.
Add a little oil if necessary. Other fats
quickly become black or cause the
food to smoke. A little butter can be
added to chicken if desired.
Clean flat fish and slices of fish in the
normal way. To enhance the taste add
a little salt or squeeze a little lemon
juice over the fish.
Assemble the grill pan, anti-splash
tray (if available) and rack as shown.
Place the food on the rack.
Select the
Insert the grill pan at the appropriate
for the height of the food to be
thin cuts =
level 3 or 4
thicker cuts =
level 1 or 2
It is best to grill food of a similar thick-
ness at the same time so that the
too greatly.
Most items should be turned half way
through cooking.
(depending on model)
For grilling thicker items such as
stuffed meat, poultry, kebabs.
Assemble the
for each item does not vary
as shown.

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