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We recommend the following settings
for roasting in the oven:
– Auto Roast E
– Conventional A
See also notes on use of Roast probe
(for models where this is applicable).
Auto Roast:
When roasting on the rack or in an
open dish, always remember to fit
the roasting filter in front of the fan
in the back of the oven before start-
We recommend roasting in a covered
pot L:
– This ensures that sufficient stock re-
mains for making gravy.
– The oven stays cleaner, too.
The following containers are suitable:
Roasting tins, heat-resistant glass,
roasting foil, earthenware.
Make sure that the pot and lid have
heat-resistant handles.
Place the covered pot on the rack into
the cold oven.
Exception: Pre-heat the oven to the tem-
perature recommended in the recipe
when cooking roast beef.
Exception: With "Conventional A" for
roasting poultry up to a weight of 1 kg,
roast beef, fillet or fish use shelf posi-
tion 2.
When using "Auto Roast E" a
of approx. 40°C lower can be
used for roasting than with the "Conven-
tional A" setting.
The bigger the quantity to be roasted,
the lower the temperature.
When roasting more than 3 kg select a
temperature about 10°C lower than the
one given in the "Roasting" chart.
The roasting process will take a little
longer, but the meat will be cooked
evenly and the exterior will become
For roasting directly on the rack K
the temperature needs to be about
20°C lower than for roasting in a
covered pot L.
For roasting on the rack always slide in
the rack and the roasting tin together.
type of meat, the size and thickness of
the cut.
for roasting.
will depend on the

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