Function Selector - Miele H 248 Operating Instructions Manual

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Use only a Miele roast probe (core
temperature probe) as supplied
with this appliance. If a replacement is
necessary it can be obtained from the
Miele Spare Parts dept or a Miele spe-
cialist dealer.
After using do not remove the roast
probe until the oven interior is cool.
When not in use do not leave the
roast probe in the oven, especially
when grilling. High grill temperatures
could damage it.
Do not use plastic containers.
They may melt at high tempera-
tures. The oven could be damaged.
Do not heat up unopened tins or
jars of food in the oven, as press-
ure can build up and they may ex-
plode. This could result in injury or
Do not push pots and pans around
on the oven floor as this could
damage the surface.
Do not lean or sit on the open oven
door, or place heavy items on it.
This could damage the appliance. Take
care in the region of the hinges. The
oven door can support a maximum
load of 10 kg.
Cover any food which is left in the
oven to be kept hot. This avoids
the food drying out. It also prevents
steam condensing and possibly lead-
ing to moisture damage in the oven.
If food is left in the oven after cook-
ing, e.g. to take advantage of the
residual heat, select the lowest tem-
perature available. Leave the function
selector switch at the position set.
Do not switch the appliance off until the
food has been removed.
Otherwise there may be a build-up of
condensation which could adversely af-
fect the oven interior, and externally the
control panel, the worktop surface or
surrounding kitchen furniture.
Put any deep frozen products such
as pizza on baking paper on the
rack. Do not place them on the baking
tray or grill pan. This could cause the
metal to distort to such an extent that it
might be difficult to remove the
tray/pan from the oven. The distortion
would increase with subsequent use.

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