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Gas Connections - Maytag 336729 Installation Manual

Gas built-in oven
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Never reuse an old connecfor when installino a new oven. Be sure no strain
is put on the connecting-line
assembly. To<prevent gas leaks, put a pipe
joint compound,
which resisfs the action of L.P. gas on Ihe male (outside)
ihreads only.
Do nof operate the burners of this oven when using LP.
gas before converting
the pressure regufalor
and burner orifices for L.P. gas usage. High flames and
toxic fumes could cause serious injury.
You must lollow local codes when installrng your built-in oven. Check with
your local ulrlrties for codes and ordrnances which ap ly in your area. If
lhere are no local codes,
you must follow
the &ional
Fuel Gas
You can get a copy by writing:
American Gas Association
1515 Wrlson Boulevard
Arlrngton. (Rosslyn). VA 22209
Use %" gas inlet pope. The hole for the gas inlet pipe sfioutd be.9%"
the left of the center line d the cabinet (see Frgure 4) and 23" behrnd
the front surface of the cabinet. Connect a l/2" coupling to Ihe inlet pipe.
The lop of the coupling should be about 2-l/2"
above the bottom edge
of the cutout opening (see Figure 4). Before you put the oven inlo the cabinet
opening, connect the i/2" reducer shut-off valve lo the coupling (see porn1
A in Figure 4). This valve is supplied with the oven and is packed in the
auxiliary carton.
Put the oven inlo the cabinet. NOTE: The oven and broiler doors may be
removed before inserting the oven into the cabinet lo lessen the weight
See the instructions in the Use and Care Manual for removing the doors.
When the oven is in place, remove the hookup and adjustment access
covers al lhe lower oven back (Frgure 5). Reach through access openrng
and connect the oven tubino lo Ihe reducer shut off valve (see oornl B
in Figure 5). Use a 5/8" wrench to turn the fitting. Tighten the'frlting lightly
but do not force il. Forcing could damage the filling and tubing and cause
II Ihe oven is to be installed in a moblle home, fhe Federal Standard for
Mobrle Home Constructron and Safety, Trtle 24 HUD (Part 280) or, when j
not applrcable. local codes musl be followed. You can get a copy of the
Federal Slandard
by wntrng:
Otlrce 01 Mobrle Home Standards
HUD Burlding
4.51 71h Street. SW
D C. 24010
Apply a soap solution lo all connections
in the supply line, manilold and
oven to test for gas leaks. Do not use an open flame
look for
Bubbles will form where any gas is leaking. Turn off the main gas supply
before you try lo stop a leak. AHer all leaks are slopped, turn on the gas
supply and recheck all conneclrons
for leaks before lrghling burners. All
leaks must be slopped
before lighting any burners.
The gas supply must be shut off before removin
off untrl the hookup of the new oven IS frntshed. ?
an old oven and slay
ou should know where
your main gas shut off valve is localed.
Aker electrical and gas connecfions
have b.een made. use
118" drill
bit lo dnll holes In fhe cabinet front, through the holes in the oven trim,
Secure the oven rn the cabrnet wllh the screws provrded



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