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Maytag 336726 Use And Care Manual

Built-in gas oven.
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bven door. If you call for service, or with
a question, have this information ready.
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Part No. 336726


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 If you call for service, or with Model No.: a question, have this information ready. Keep this book, your installation guide, Serial No.: your warranty sales slip together. Purchase Date: Part No. 336726 4348213...
  • Page 2 SAFE-TY RULES . , ......4-5 FOR YOUR SAFETY BURNER IGNITION ......5 If you smell gas: 1.
  • Page 3 IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS Read the Safety Rules below and all operating instructions before using this appliance. GENERAL SAFETY Never use your oven for warming or heating a rmm. Such use can be Keep thus manual for further use. dangerous as well as damaging to oven parts. Be sure your oven IS properly installed and grounded Never wear loose fitting or hanging clothes while using your oven.
  • Page 4 Never use aluminum foil IO line oven bottoms. Improper use 01 these hers GLOW BAR IGNITION may create a fire hazard or cause incomplele combustion. See page 9 br tips on using foil. Your oven has glow bar ignition. When you turn the oven on, the glow bar igniter begins to heat.
  • Page 5 CLOCK AND OVEN CONTROLS FOR MODELS WITH any timed oven operation, push the CANCEL button To cancel ELECTRONIC RANGE CONTROL (shown below). To Start NW and Stop Later: Push OVEN TIME button. sat Ie oi baking lime with SE-T knob. Push B KE button.
  • Page 6 CLOCK AND OVEN CONTROLS FOR MODELS WITH To cancel anytimed oven operalIon. push tha CANCEL button. -‘i5; .: ELECTRONIC RANGE CONTROL (shown below). ‘dY.& ToStar~NwandS~opLa!~ 1. Push OVEN TIME bvnon 2. sat le of baking time with SET knob. Push B KE button. ;e!f;...
  • Page 7 PREHEATING COMMdN BAKING PROBLEMS AND CAUSES preheahq f@ts the oven beet evenly before the food is put in. Allow 10 CAKE RISES UNEVENLY ~~temper~~then35(PFandlSmirutesat3500Forrore. 9 Range or oven rack not redpes thet call lor an oven preheated to a certain temperature. Ftiru~toojuiq level h wry important that you follow those it-~~In.tctions.
  • Page 8 NEW OVEN ODOR ROASTING TIPS During the first baking and broiling cycles in your new oven, there may Roas!ing lime will depend on the oven temperature. meal temperature. besomeodor.rhisis~alandIscausedbythe~~ngdnewparts size, shape and type d the meal. the proporlion of bone and iat, and the and&t-mm~~~,,~~ f&t@hin a short bme.
  • Page 9 BROILING TIPS Do not preheat when broiling. For even broiling on both sides start the food on a cold pan. Allow slfghtfy more than half the cooking time for the first side then turn the food using tongs. If you pferce the meat wilh a fork, the juices will escape When broiling frozen meat, use one rack position lower than shown In the chart and up to...
  • Page 10 OVEN CLEANING Some models have a standard porcelain oven finish and some models have a contmms clean finish on the oven lop. beck and sidewalls. Sran- dard pm&in is st-mXt~. The cor10nuou.s &an fint9-1 has a rougher texture. See the cleaning instructions on page 12 to find out how to best clean the standard porcelain finish.
  • Page 11 CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS 6ome Oven PAINT Doors): Wash soap and with water then rinse dry with a paper towel. Avoid cleaning powders or abrasives which CONTROL PANEL: Wash water. using a soft control panet with soap and scratch the surface. abrasve Cblh.
  • Page 12 REMOVABLE OVEN AND BROILER DOORS REMOVABLE OVEN RACKS AND GUIDES oven Be sure not to scratch the oven flnish when Installing or removing oven end broiler doors be removed for cleaning. racks. To remove: install: release lab Open the door fulfy raise the on each door hinge (see Fg.
  • Page 13 * ,_ ‘. : IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM BROfLlNG PROBLEMS Problems are often caused by little things that you can fix yourself without Oven Control not set lo Brorl. any tads. Make sure you are following instructions in this book and read Using wrong rack position, See chart on page 10.

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