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Maytag CWG3100 User Manual

Gas wall oven
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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Function • Setting Clock Using Your Oven • Oven Characteristics * Pilotless Ignition • Oven Vent • Oven Light ... • Fan . Setting the Oven Controls • Preheating • Oven Racks • Rack Positions • General Baking Tips •...
  • Page 3 FOR FUTURE REFERENCE Congratulations on your choice of a Maytag oven! As you use your new oven we know you will appreciate the many features excellent performance, ease of cleaning, convenience and dependability. New features have dramatically cooking appliances and the way we cook. It Is...
  • Page 4: Important Safety Instructions

    In the event of a prolonged oven CANNOT be operated failure. surfaces. These Never use your oven to warm room. No cooking fire laws. appliance be used heater. This instruction safety considerations to prevent...
  • Page 5 Do not use oven as a storage area for food or cooking utensils. This instruction safety considerations to prevent hazard to user and to the appliance. Use caution...
  • Page 6 Turn off all controls and wait for appliance parts to cool before touching Touching a hot oven light bulb with a damp cloth could cause the bulb to break. Should the bulb break, disconnect before trying to remove the bulb to avoid electrical shock.
  • Page 7: Electronic Clock And Oven Control

    12 hours. Explanation of Function Pads The following pads are found on your Maytag electronic clock and oven control: Cancel Pad Press this pad to cancel all operations the tlme-of-day clock and timer. If ypu are ever...
  • Page 8: Clock And Timer

    When the power is first supplied ff there has been a power failure, the display will flash. Follow above instructions clock. The clock time cannot the oven is set for a cook or timing operation. Cancel the operation to set the clock.
  • Page 9: Using Your Oven

    Setting The Oven Controls To set your oven for baking I. When cool, position to with according some 2. Press the OVEN TEMP pad. "Bake" and 000 ° Compare will appear on page I0 for proper Press either the • or •...
  • Page 10: Oven Racks

    Allow one to two inches of the utensil(s) on two racks, pulling the airflow. Do not attempt when the oven is hot. Use the following guidelines position. Never place pans directly correctly Rack I _"...
  • Page 11: General Baking Tips

    * Allow one to two inches and the oven wails, if the wrong • Check the cooking and a minimum necessary, the food is done. If the oven door is opened frequently, affect baking heat. • If you add additional a crisper for pies,...
  • Page 12: Baking Chart

    9" x 9" 8" x 8" 2or3 2 or 3 2or3 2 or3 is # I. and may vary depending on the recipe times, temperatures and oven rack 350 ° 30-35 350 ° 30-35 350 ° 25-30 3500 35-45 350 ° 15-20 350 °...
  • Page 13: Common Baking Problems And Why They Happen

    _blem Cause Baking or roasting short. Temperature Oven out of calibration. Old oven out of calibratton. Incorrect use of aluminum Oven not preheated. Oven door opened Too many parson Pans touching each other or oven walls. Batter uneven in pans.
  • Page 14: Roasting

    Insert it so tile tip is in the of the thickest part of ihe meat. not touch fat or bone. the roast from Ihe oven when registers approximately the doneness wanted. As the meat the iemperature _lll rtseo...
  • Page 15: Broiling

    3. Check the doneness meat near the center to check the color. 4. To cancel or end the brofllng operation, from the CANCEL pad. BROILING CHART our new oven, use the followingchart as a guide when broilingfoods. SRo]t:PO_ON Ii_TALBROILTtMB M]_e 24_6 mi_i_es...
  • Page 16: Programmed Oven Operations

    Programmed Oven Operations The Programmed Oven Operation be used to turn off the oven at a specific delay the start and then turn This feature will not operate functioning is set to the correct IMPORTANT: Highly perishable as dairy products, pork;...
  • Page 17 • or • pad. Press the CLOCK pad and the time of day will reappear in the display. "Delay Bake" win light in the display that the oven has been set for a delay start coolOng operation, 8. When the oven automatically "Timed Bake _ wlll appear in the display.
  • Page 18: Maintenance

    You could Broiler Bottom back, To remove: oven rack. Lift up front edge of broiler bottom. Then llft rear end up and remove broiler bottom from oven. To replace 4100 the oven door rear flange seated...
  • Page 19: Oven Light

    NOTE: A qualified and reconnect WARNING: Possible abnormal the oven door and of the risk of tip over, should the appliance disconnect the installation to appliance servlcing, type it is the...
  • Page 20: Care And Cleaning

    CARE AND CLEANING Be sure all parts of the oven are cool before cleaning, correctly, Cleaning Chart Parts & Cleaning Agents Broiler Insert • Detergent and water. • Plastic scouring pad. • Soap-filled scouring pad. • Dishwasher. Control Panel • Detergent water.
  • Page 21: Continuous Cleaning Oven

    Rather, the rough texture absorbs and allowsthem to spread, thus larger area to the hot oven air. The catalyst, when exposed to heat, speeds soft. Cleaning action automatically whenever the oven is turned on for baking roasting.
  • Page 22: Service Information

    "test" should how much the thermostat To adjust the thermostat: I. Press the OVEN TEMP pad. 2. Press the A or V pad and select an oven temperature between 500°F and 550°F. 3. Press and hold the OVEN TEMP pad for about four seconds.
  • Page 23: Before You Call For Service

    Before You Call For Service Check these points Part or all of your wall oven does not operate • Is the wall oven plug loose or disconnected _om the electrical outlet (if not wired direct to the electrical supply)? • Are any house fuses blown or circuit breakers tripped? •...
  • Page 24: Wall Oven Warranty

    MAYTAG WALL OVEN WARRANTY Full One Year Warranty - Parts For one (I} year from the original retail purchase will be repaired or replaced free of charge. Limited Warranties - Parts Second Year - After the first year from the original purchase...

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