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Maytag 318064000 Installation Instructions Manual

24" gas built-in single wall oven
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Part No. 318064000
Rev. B/4372426
Rev. A



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  Summary of Contents for Maytag 318064000

  • Page 1 Part No. 318064000 Rev. B/4372426 Rev. A...
  • Page 2: Additional Safeguards

    Before you start.. . ~;~;,g;;$gy;g~&~~~ Grounded electrical WARNING: If the information outlet is required. See requirements,” panel B, Instsllation must be done by a qualified supply “Electrical requirements,” in this manual is not followed installer. Panel B. exactly, a fire or explosion Important: Observe all governing may result causing property codes and ordinances.
  • Page 3: Gas Supply Requirements

    Electrical Gas supply requirements requirements . If rigid pipe is used as a gas supply line, a combination of pipe Observe all governing codes and fittings must be used to obtain an in-line ordinances. connection to the oven. All strains must be removed from the supply and fuel lines so oven will be level and in line.
  • Page 4 =====z ---Y--- Now start... With oven in kitchen. mounting . To adiust holes Floor Damage oven height for cabinet Before moving oven across floor, opening 38” to 39”: . Remove racks and other parts from check that oven is on shipping base .
  • Page 5 Numbers correspond to steps. 15. 23. mantle of dark blue, and should be clean Electronic Ignition System - . Use a brush and liauid and soft in character. No yellow tips, initial lighting and gas flame detergent to test all gas connections for blowing or lifting of flame should occur.
  • Page 6: Natural Gas Conversion

    hood Adjusting for proper flame L.P. gas conversion Conversion to L.P. gas should be L.P. gas done by a qualified installer. decreases decreases Product Damage sp;d . An electronic ignitor is used to light the oven burner. Do Not insert any object into the openings of the shield surrounding the Fire Hazard ignitor coil.
  • Page 7 If oven.does not For cleaning and If you need operate... assistance... maintenance... If removing the oven is necessary for Check your Use and Care Guide for a Check that the circuit breaker is not toll-free number to call or call the dealer cleaning and maintenance, shut off gas tripped or the fuse blown.