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Baking, Broiling, And Roasting; Connecting Oven To Gas; Product Safety Devices - Maytag CWG3100AA Series Service Manual

24” gas wall ovens
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Important Safety Information

Baking, Broiling, and Roasting

• Do not use oven area for storage.
• Stand back from oven when opening door (when hot).
Hot air or steam can cause burns to hands, face, and
• Do not use aluminum foil anywhere in the oven. This
could result in a fire hazard and damage the oven.
• Use only glass cookware appropriate for use in gas
• Always remove broiler pan from oven when finished
broiling. Grease left in pan can catch fire if oven is
used without removing grease from the broiler pan.
• When broiling, keep meat away from flame! Meat that
is close to the flame may ignite. Trim any excess fat to
help prevent excessive flare-ups.
• Make sure broiler pan is placed correctly to reduce
any possibility of grease fires.
• Should a grease fire occur in the broiler pan, turn off
oven, and keep oven door closed until fire burns out.

Connecting Oven to Gas

Install manual shut-off valve in gas line for easy
accessibility outside the oven. Be aware of the location
of the shut-off valve.

Product Safety Devices

Safety devices and features have been engineered into
the product to protect consumer and servicer. Safety
devices must never be removed, bypassed, or altered in
such a manner as to defeat the purpose for which they
were intended.
Listed below are various safety devices together with the
reason each device is incorporated in the gas ranges.
Pressure Regulator
Gas Burner Orifices
Maintains proper and
steady gas pressure for
operation of oven
Regulator must be set
for the type of gas being
used: Natural or LP.
After servicing regulator,
make certain it is set
properly before
completing service.
Universal orifices are
used on most valves.
They must be adjusted
for the type of gas being
used: Natural or LP.
After servicing a valve
or orifice, verify proper
adjustment before
completing service.
Oven Safety Valve
Grounded Oven Frame
Oven valve is designed
to be a safety valve. Two
basic designs are used:
Hydraulic and Electric
Both types are safety
valves because they are
indirectly operated by
the oven thermostat,
which controls a pilot
flame or electric ignitor,
to open and close the
oven valve.
Ground prong on power
cord is connected to the
frame, usually a green
lead fastened by a
screw. In addition, any
part or component
capable of conducting
an electric current is
grounded by its
If any ground wire,
screw, strap, nut, etc. is
removed for service, or
any reason, it must be
reconnected to its
original position with
original fastener before
the appliance is put into
operation again.
Failure to do so can
create a possible shock
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