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Maytag 338972 Use And Care Manual

Electric built-in
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If you call for service,
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  Summary of Contents for Maytag 338972

  • Page 1 Serial numbers are on a plate, behind the oven door, on the front frame. If you call for service, Model No.: with a question, have this information ready. Keep this book, your installation guide, your warranty sales slip together. 338972...
  • Page 2: Cooking Hints

    SAFETY RULES .3,4 Choosing Oven Cookware Common Baking Problems and Causes .5-7 HOW TO USE YOUR OVEN CLEANING AND CARE lo-14 Clock and Oven Conlrols For Models wIthout Self Cleaning Ovens Oven Cleaning 10 11 Clock and Oven Conlrols Clemno Charl For Models wllh...
  • Page 3: Important Instructions

    IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS Read the Safety Rules below and all operating instructions before using this aooliance. Never heat unopened food containers. Pressure Keep this manual for later use build-up may make container burst and cause Be sure your oven 15. installed and grounded injury.
  • Page 4 SELF-CLEANING OVEN ONLY Never touch oven heating elements or intenor sur- faces of oven. Heating elements and nearby areas ’ Always take the oven racks, the broiler pan ano may be hot enough to burn you even though they other pots and pans out of the oven before a self are dark In color.
  • Page 5 3VEN CONTROLS (For Models wl:tloul CLOCK A , ‘elf-Cleaning Ovens) ,(I “,“I, “1 ,l,,,,, new ,iil\jC ,i cc>: ,,,, is, j ! , ‘IIF Ll,. I’ hC II ‘IS ;c :/c ‘1” ) :,I ,‘_ stop Later It bun”” lk,nq I,me w,,h St1 kn”,, ed by pushq the correspond,ng...
  • Page 6: Clock And Oven Controls

    To cancel any timed own operalfo”. push Ihe OVEN CANCEL bu:lon CLOCK AND OVEN CONTROLS To Sla” Now and Slop Laler Push COOK TIME bun”” (For Models With Self-Cleaning Ovens) Se1 le” Ih 01 bakjng ,~me wh SET knob The oven of your Neil range 1s coredled by [he E Push B B KE bullon...
  • Page 7: Using Foil

    Wflh re~jpes Ihal ca!l lor a” we” prehea,ed 10 a cerlatn lemperalure /I IS very ~m~ortanr that you IoIlow lhose ~ns,rx,~o”s II 15 no, likely lhal you will get good baking resulls every lfme wtlhoul preheallq 10 the needed lemperalure. unless Ihe rectpe says 10 Slart I”...
  • Page 8: Broiling Tips

    Mosl foods can be brolled on Ihe HI senlng Selecr Ihe LO brolr senlng BROILING TIPS lo avoid excesswe browning or dr mg of Icods rhal should be cooked Your oven door should be open lo the stop position while broiling the well done srage (such...
  • Page 9: Common Baking Problems And Causes

    OVEN COOKWARE Aluminum Absorbs heat faster Ihan glass or sleel and conducts heat well. Produces delicate browning, lender crust. reduces spaltermg of roasls Besl lor cakes, mufhns. quick breads, cookies. roasllng. Ovenproof Glass/ Because lhls cookware absorbs heal quickly and holds II well, you should lower...
  • Page 10 THE SELF-CLEAN CYCLE (Some Models) DO NOT use commercial “ven cleaners “1 oven “r”Lec1ors in or near :hc Remove Ihe broil pan and grid o\en racks all ulens~ls and arty lo,1 oven These prod&Is plus Ihe high !remperawe 01 Ihe clean cyc’e rvr lhal may be I”...
  • Page 11 TO STOP A c .AN CYCLE: Press the OVEN CANCEL bunon Wail unlll Ihe oven has cooled below locking temperalure and the word LOCK IS OH I” the display You vd ml be able 10 open Ihe ooor unless Ihe oven lemperature 15 a~ a safe level...
  • Page 12: Cleaning Instructions

    CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS Wash conlrol panel wllh soap and waler Do no, use Conlrol Panel abrasive cleaners Wash wilh soap and waler A chrome cleaner may ne Oulslde Flmshes used Chrome permanently damage glass To help prevenl a brown Wash wllh a soapy damp clolh Remove...
  • Page 13: Removable Oven Racks

    THE OVEN LIGHT (Some Models) REPLACIh.- GAShE’ 10 no, ,o~,ci. ~,,,er bulb wherr ho: wtlh we, hands or wipe weri llghr area w,:‘i we, LI I/, Urq,lug or dlsconnecr Ihe elec!r~cal supply 10 range before renovlnt; never touch Ihe eleclrtcally I’ve melal collar on lhe bulb when...
  • Page 14: Stop Position

    REMOVABLE OVEN DOOM> To Remove Open the door lo Ihe slop po%Uon (see ~llusIral~on) Grasp Ihe door al each side and 11f? up and off Ihe hinges See Ihe cleaning charl on page NOTE. When the door 1s removed and hmge arms are at slop posll~on, do nor bump or Iry lo move Ihe hfnge arms.
  • Page 15 OVENIBROILt,, SMOKING Bwiler pan lull oi grease leh ,n range lrom Ihe Ias1 I~me you broiled load Drily broiler mus: nor be IeH in Ihe range or smokrlg a broiler I~re can resu~: Ihe nexl I~me lhe oven IS used Alurnnum lo,! ml used properiy and grease...