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Maytag 336729 Installation Manual page 6

Gas built-in oven
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Step 2: Aqjust Burner Orifice
All ove s are factory adjusled for use wth the natural gas used in most
r-11 ITIALI. Tl.^ ,^,I ^... :..- ^A:..-.-^^.
_..^. I..-
areas. !!!I ut. since Ihe gas in some areas may vary, you should check all
If you are using L.P. gas, all the ad-
must be made.
Ihe burner. Failure to do so could resull in seric
flames and loxic flames.
Use a 112" open end or adluslable wrench to turn the orilice hood in Ihe
L P direclion. aboul 1.1/2" (urns or unlil snug. See next page. Do not over-
lighten or you may dislorl lhe orifice hood
Step 1: Adjust Air Shutter
Turn the burner full on and check the flames. Burner flames should not
Pressure Test Information
flutter or blow awa
from the burner. They should be blue in color with
no trace of yellow.
n particles tn the gas line may cause an orange
soon disappear.
The maximum
pressure for the regulator
IS 14" WC. The
minimum pressure needed
check the regulator setting is 7" W.C. for
nalural gas or 11" W.C. lor L.P. gas.
If the flames are yellow or flutIer. open the air shutter more. If they blow
away from the burner, close Ihe air shutter more.
The oven and its individual
shut off valve must be discon-
To adjust air shutter:
netted from the gas supply piping system during any pressure testing
Use a screwdriver
to loosen the air shutter screw. Adjust the air shutler
of rhe gas supply system at lest pressures in excess of 112 psig (pounds
and, when Ihe.flames are adjusted. retighlen the air shutter screw.
per square inch gauge).
The oven must be isolated from the qas supply piping system by clos-
Step 2: Adjust Orifice Hood
ing its individual
shut off valve during any pressure testrng of fhe gas
supply system al test pressures
equal lo or less than 112 psig.
Check the inner cone of the flame. II should be about $5" long for both
burners (see nexl page). If Ibe flame is not adjusted correctly, use a Yz"
open end wrench or adluus(able joint pliers to adjust the orifice hood.
To shorten the cones, tighten Ihe orifice hood by turning in the L.P. cfrrec-
lion. To lengthen the cones, loosen the orifice ho& by turning in the Nat.
direction. (see next page).
If you are using L.P.
gas, all the adjustments
described above and on Ihe previous page must be made
before you make any burner adjuslmenls or use the oven.



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