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Maytag 338974 Use And Care Manual

Built-in self cleaning oven - microwave insertable
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are on
a plate on the front frame behind
the oven door. If you call for service,
or with a question,
have this infor-
mation ready.
this book, your installation
gui B e, your warranty and the sales
slip together.
Parl No 338974
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  Summary of Contents for Maytag 338974

  • Page 1 If you call for service, or with a question, have this infor- mation ready. Sectal this book, your installation gui B e, your warranty and the sales Purchase Date slip together. Parl No 338974...
  • Page 2 SAFETY RULES CLEANING CARE 10-14 Oven Cleanmg 10.11 Cleaning Instructions HOWTOUSEYOUROVEN Removable Oven Racks and Gurdes Clock and Oven Controls Removable Oven Door Oven Light Replacing the Mrcrowave Oven Fuse Rack and Pan Arrangemenl Replacrng the Oven Light Oven Vent Moisture.
  • Page 3: Important Instructions

    IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS Read the Safety Rules below and all operating Instructions before using this appliance. GENERAL Never wear loose fitting or hanging clothes while using your oven Such clothes may catch fire and cause serious injury Keep this manual for iurther f3e sure your oven IS properly Installed...
  • Page 4: Self-Cleaning

    SELF-CLEANING OVEN GREASE FIRES Always keep Ihe appliance area clear and free from lhlngs Always remove Ihe oven racks, the broiler pan and other that WIII burn, gasoline and other llammable vapors and II- ulenslls before a self-clear~lng cycle quads Never store materials In an oven...
  • Page 5 CLOCK AND OVEN CONTROLS The lower oven IS enllrely conlrolled by Ihe Eleclron~c Aanqe Conlrol Follow Note To recall whal lempeialure you have selecled tihlle Ihe rlslng remperalure 1s being shown, push hold Ihe BAKE bullon selected lemperature will be shown while you hold lhe BAKE buflon WIII relurn...
  • Page 6 TONES TO START STOP LATER: 1 Push COOK TIME bultov End of Cycle Tone (3 long beeps one second on one second sho:;s ;’ Sel lengrh 01 hakIng ,~v(’ w,,h SET knot Ihn’ a rImed oven operallon has reached STOP TIME or I-al the Timer 1 as counled...
  • Page 7 , When us\lq Wherl bakino on one rack II, lowesl powon :*nq~l Food or Sponqe Cake When us,r,g be placed lower Ihe Iwo racks Cake Layers Pies 8 Pans (sraaaeredi...
  • Page 8 COMMON BAKING PROBLEMS CAUSES USING FOIL CAKE RISES UNEVENLY BOTTOM PIE CRUST SOGGY For Baking Range or OY~T rack Fllllng too ,u~cy To catch sp,llovets, cu, a p,ece 01 loll sllghlly larger lhan the pan and lurn level up ,he edges use IWO oven racks and pu, the 1011 on the lower we”...
  • Page 9 BROILING TIPS * Your oven door should be open lo the slop pos111on while brollng the door 1s closed Ihe load w/I roast nsfead 01 broil (see page FOOD Thick SIeak ,Irr rh,i - Uo nor preneal wIEII wwIy 1 VI ClLrl UI1,/ .d ,.
  • Page 10 SELF-CLEAN CYCLE DO NOT use commerc,a oven cleaners or oven pr”wcl”,s ~1 “1 fwa’ Remove Ihe brad pan and grad. oven racks all ulens~ls and any 1011 oven These producrs plus ihe h,gh 1rempera’u.e “1 :IY? ~‘~a.1 CVC’~ -‘.I) that may be I” Ihe oven II ““en racks are leh I”...
  • Page 11 TO SET A CLEAN CYCLE TO STOP A CLEAN CYCLE. YOU can sell~cleanlng Cyclt’ :s PreDrogrammed for 3’/7 hours. also ’ Press Ihe OVEN CANCEL bunon set Ihe eleclron~c range conlrol lor a delayed slarl 01 the clex cycle Walt U’IIII lhe oven has cooled below lxklng...
  • Page 12 CLEANING lNSTRUCTlONS CONTROL PANEL Wash wllh soap i rid waler rinse then dry with a paper towel OVEN FINISHES SELF-CLEANING Use soap, water a scouring for touch up clean II<] between self cleaning cycles Give a fInal rinse with vlr,c:gar and water_ AvoId any contact with...
  • Page 13: Removable Oven Door

    REMOVABLE OVEN DOOR Th? oven doors can be r?,noved for cleanrng To remove: Open the door to the Pro11 slop positron and grasp door at each side {set> ~Ilustrallon) t~lfl the door up a bit, lhen pull straight toward To replace: Make sure that t-ilnge afms are jr- pos~ton B (broil stop posltlon)
  • Page 14 REPLACING THE MICROWAVE OVEN FUSE Below the mlcrowave oven there IS a fuse to protect mlcrowave oven from malfuncllons In the electrlcal system VENT TRIM or componenls ’ If your lower oven works but your mlcrowave oven will not work, Check your microwave...
  • Page 15: The Oven Light

    RETAINER GASKET BULB COLLAR REPLACING THE OVEN LIGHT Do nol touch we” bulb when hol. wllh wet hands, or w,pe oven llghl atea wllh wet clolh Unplug or dlsconnecl lhe eleclncal supply lo oven before remowng Never (ouch lhe eleclncally love collar on Ihe bulb when replacing...
  • Page 16 OVEN/BROILER ELEMENT DOES NOT WORK RANGE IS BEEPING Push Ihe BAKE burlon S&cl a lemperature belween 5OOOF and 550°F wllh Ihe SET knob BROILING PROBLEMS Oulckly (wlhln Iwo seconds, before rhe BAKE funcl~on enerqlzes) push hold Ihe BAKE bullon Oven (:onlrol knob nol sel lo BROIL...