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Fujitsu Inverter 9318657012 Operating Manual page 8

Compact wall mounted type
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● When AUTO CHANGEOVER operation ¿ rst selected, the fan will operate
at very low speed for about a few minutes, during which time the indoor
unit detects the room conditions and selects the proper mode.
Room temperature is higher than the de¿ ned temperature in temperature
setting o Cooling mode or dry mode
Room temperature is close to or lower than the de¿ ned temperature in
temperature setting o Monitor operation
● When the indoor unit has adjusted your room's temperature to near the
temperature setting, it will begin monitor operation. In the monitor opera-
tion mode, the fan will operate at low speed. If the room temperature
subsequently changes, the indoor unit will once again select the appropri-
ate operation (Cooling) to adjust the temperature to the value set in the
temperature setting.
● If the mode automatically selected by the unit is not what you wish, select
one of the mode operation (COOL, DRY, FAN).
About Mode Operation
Cooling: ● Use to cool your room.
● Use for gently cooling while dehumidifying your room.
● During Dry mode, the indoor unit will operate at low speed; in order to ad-
just room humidity, the indoor unit's fan may stop from time to time. Also,
the fan may operate at very low speed when adjusting room humidity.
● The fan speed cannot be changed manually when Dry mode has been
● Use to circulate the air throughout your room.
Cooling mode
or Dry mode
De¿ ned
temperature in
Monitor operation
During Cooling/Dry mode:
Set the thermostat to a temperature setting
that is lower than the present room tem-
perature. The Cooling and Dry modes will
not operate if the thermostat is set higher
than the actual room temperature (in Cool-
ing mode, the fan alone will operate).
During Fan mode:
You can not use the indoor unit to cool your

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Table of Contents

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