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Manual Auto Operation; Operating Tips; Auto Restart; Temperature And Humidity Range - Fujitsu Inverter 9318657012 Operating Manual

Compact wall mounted type
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Use the MANUAL AUTO operation in the event the Remote Controller is lost or otherwise unavailable.
How To Use the Main Unit Controls
Press the MANUAL AUTO button (Fig. 2 2 ) more than 3 sec-
onds and less than 10 seconds on the main unit control panel.
To stop operation, press the MANUAL AUTO button (Fig. 2 2 ) for 3 seconds.


AUTO Restart

In Event of Power Interruption
● The power supply to the air conditioner is stopped by a power interruption. The air conditioner will then restart automatically in its
previous mode when the power is restored.
● If a power interruption occurs during TIMER operation, the timer will be reset and the indoor unit will begin (or stop) operation at the new
time setting. In the event that this kind of timer fault occurs, the TIMER Indicator Lamp will À ash (See page 4.)
● Use of other electrical appliances (electric shaver, etc.) or nearby use of a wireless radio transmitter may cause the air conditioner
to malfunction. In this event, temporarily turn off the circuit breaker, turn it on and then use the Remote Controller to resume op-

Temperature and Humidity Range

Permissible ranges of temperature and humidity are as follows:
Cooling/Dry Operation
If the unit is used under higher temperature conditions than those noted here, the automatic protection circuit may operate, interrupting the operation.
If the unit is used under lower temperature conditions than those noted here, the heat exchanger may freeze, causing water leakage
or other malfunction.
● Do not use the air conditioner for any purpose other than cooling or drying room, or fan.
Indoor temperature
Indoor humidity
● When the air conditioner is operated
by the controls on the MANUAL AUTO
button, it will operate under the same
mode as the AUTO mode selected on
the Remote Controller (see page 8).
● The fan speed selected will be "AUTO"
and the thermostat setting will be stan-
dard (24
About 18 °C to 32 °C
Below approximately 80%.
If the air conditioner is used continuously for
many hours, water may condense on the sur-
face and drip.

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Table of Contents

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