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Fujitsu 9319357041 Installation Manual

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For authorized service personnel only.
Pour le personnel agréé uniquement.
Solo para personal autorizado.
PART NO. 9319357041



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  Summary of Contents for Fujitsu 9319357041

  • Page 1: Air Conditioner

    AIR CONDITIONER INSTALLATION MANUAL For authorized service personnel only. MANUEL D’INSTALLATION Pour le personnel agréé uniquement. MANUAL DE INSTALACIÓN Solo para personal autorizado. PART NO. 9319357041...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    When Installing... Contents ...In a Ceiling or Wall Make sure the ceiling/wall is strong enough to hold the unit’s weight. It may be necessary to construct a strong wood or metal frame to provide added support SAFETY PRECAUTIONS ..................2 ABOUT THE UNIT .....................2 ...In a Room Properly insulate any tubing run inside a room to prevent “sweating”...
  • Page 3: General Specification

    Name and Shape Q’ty Name and Shape Q’ty 2.2. Special tools for R410A Remote controller Tapping screw (small) Tool name Contents of change Pressure is high and cannot be measured with a conven- tional (R22) gauge. To prevent erroneous mixing of other Gauge manifold refrigerants, the diameter of each port has been changed.
  • Page 4: Electrical Requirement

    4. ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENT 6. INSTALLATION WORK The indoor unit is powered from the outdoor unit or branch box. Do not power indoor unit from separate power source. 6.1. Installation dimensions WARNING Wall hook bracket Refer to local codes for acceptable cable type. 120 mm (4-23/32 in.) or over * 110 mm (4-11/32 in.) or over ** 110 mm (4-11/32 in.)
  • Page 5 6.5. Cutting the knockout hole 6.8. Forming the drain hose and pipe Cutting the knockout hole for piping on under cover: [Rear piping, Right piping, Bottom piping] The piping can be connected in the 6 directions indicated in the following. •...
  • Page 6 6.9.2. Bending pipes [Installing the indoor unit] • Hang the indoor unit from the hooks at the top of the wall hook bracket. • If pipes are shaped by hand, be careful not to collapse them. • Insert the spacer, etc. between the indoor unit and the wall hook bracket and separate •...
  • Page 7: Electrical Wiring

    • To connect the indoor unit wires to the terminal correctly, refer to the fi gure for proper 7. ELECTRICAL WIRING length. Earth (Ground) wire Cable Cable size Remarks 14AWG 3 cable+Earth (Ground), Connection cable 14AWG UL 1505 1φ 208/230 V 25 mm (1-13/32 in.) Max.
  • Page 8: Finishing

    7.4. How to connect wiring to the terminals 8. FINISHING Caution when wiring cable (1) Insulate between pipes. • Insulate suction and discharge pipes separately. When stripping off the insulation of a lead wire, always use a special tool such as a wire •...
  • Page 9: Front Panel Removal And Installation

    9.4. Front panel installation 9. FRONT PANEL REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION (1) First, fi t the lower part of the front panel, and insert top and bottom hooks. (2 top sides, 7 bottom sides, 2 center) 9.1. Intake grille removal Indoor unit Front panel (1) Open the intake grille.
  • Page 10: Remote Controller Installation

    12.1. Accessories (Communication kit) 11. REMOTE CONTROLLER INSTALLATION The following installation accessories are supplied. Use them as required. CAUTION Name and Shape Q’ty Description Relay control board For connecting the Check that the indoor unit correctly receives the signal from the remote controller, wired remote control then install the remote controller holder.
  • Page 11: Selecting The Remote Controller Signal Code

    12.2.3. Installing relay control board and relay wire terminal Installing the external connect kit terminal (sold separately) Connect the wire of external input/output to the board of external connect kit. Control unit board EXTERNAL INPUT CONNECT TO NO. CNA01 EXTERNAL OUTPUT CONNECT TO NO. CNB01, CNB02 Connector (CN8) External connect kit cord...
  • Page 12: Function Setting

    Heating Room Temperature Correction 14. FUNCTION SETTING Depending on the installed environment, the room temperature sensor may require a cor- rection. Perform the “FUNCTION SETTING” according to the installation conditions using the The settings may be changed as shown in the table below. remote controller.
  • Page 13: Customer Guidance

    15. CUSTOMER GUIDANCE • 2-way valve temp. sensor error ● ● ◊ • 3-way valve temp. sensor error Explain the following to the customer in accordance with the operating manual: Heat sink temp. sensor error ● ● ◊ (1) Starting and stopping method, operation switching, temperature adjustment, timer, air fl...