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To Use Sleep Timer; To Change Timer Settings; To Cancel Timer; Sleep Timer Operation - Fujitsu Inverter 9318657012 Operating Manual

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Unlike other timer functions, the SLEEP timer is used to set the length of time until air conditioner operation is stopped.
To Use the SLEEP Timer
While the air conditioner is operating or stopped, press the
SLEEP button (Fig. 5 J ).
The indoor unit's OPERATION Indicator Lamp (green) (Fig. 3 5 ) lights and the TIMER
Indicator Lamp (orange) (Fig. 3 6 ) light.
To Change the Timer Settings
Press the SLEEP button (Fig. 5 J ) once again and set the
time using the TIMER SET (
Set the time while the Timer Mode Display is À ashing (the À ashing will continue about
5 seconds).
button: Press to advance the time.
button: Press to reverse the time.
About 5 seconds later, the entire display will reappear.
About the SLEEP Timer
To prevent excessive cooling during sleep, the SLEEP timer function automatically modi¿ es the thermostat setting in accordance
with the set time setting. When the set time has elapsed, the air conditioner completely stops.
During Cooling/Dry operation:
When the SLEEP timer is set, the thermostat setting is automatically raised 1 °C every 1 hour. When the thermostat setting is raised
a total of 2 °C, the thermostat setting at that time is maintained until the set time elapses, at which time the air conditioner automati-
cally turns off.
SLEEP timer setting
Set time
1 hour
1 °C
) buttons (Fig. 5 Q ).
2 °C
To Cancel the Timer:
Use the TIMER MODE button to select "CAN-
The air conditioner will return to normal opera-
To Stop the Air Conditioner During
Timer Operation:
Press the START/STOP button.

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Table of Contents

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