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    CONTENTS Check the supplied items ......... Connecting playback devices ........Connecting video devices (such as BD/DVD players) ..........Connecting audio devices (such as a CD player) ............. Connecting to the jack on the front panel ............Connecting the FM/AM antennas ......... What you can do with the unit ........

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    Configuring the system settings of the unit (ADVANCED SETUP menu) ........Operating the ADVANCED SETUP menu ............Listening to FM/AM ..........Features of the ADVANCED SETUP menu ............Changing FM/AM tuner frequency steps (Asia and General models only) ......Changing the speaker impedance (U.S.A.

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    Check the supplied items • Insert the two supplied AAA batteries into the battery case, following the polarity markings (+ and -). Check that the following accessories are supplied with this product. Remote Control Batteries (AAA, R03, UM-4) (x 2) YPAO microphone VIDEO AUX input cover •...

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    Ip49_ 55 various styles. menu (on TV) Automatically optimizing the speaker IP o29 ...._settings to suit your room (YPAO) * Requires optional Yamaha products such as iPod dock, iPod wireless system, and Bluetooth receiver..... Sound field reproductions like actual...

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    Full of useful functions! At time like this Creating stereoscopic sound fields (p.39) The unit supports the surround playback of up to 7.1 channel. Various sound programs and surround Connecting various devices (p.18, 23) The combination of video/audio input jacks prepared decoders equipped with the unit can supply more this unit does not match...

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    (p.26). - The iPod is charging with "Standby Charge" (p.62). Attach the supplied VIDEO AUX input cover (p.4) when not - The Yamaha iPod wireless system is connected (p.48). PHONES jack using this jack to protect against dust. For connecting headphones.

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    Front display (indicator) HDMI @ Cursor indicators Lights up when an HDMI device is connected to the unit or Lights up tile available cursors on tile remote control for each an HDMI signal is being output. operation. O Multi information display Lights up when HDMI signals are output.

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    For connecting the unit to an AC wall outlet (p.28). For connecting a subwoofer with a built-in amplifier (p.16). For connecting an optional Yamaha iPod universal dock, Wireless System for iPod and Bluetooth wireless audio @ MONITOR OUT jacks...

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    AV 1-6 AV 1-6 jacks remote control codes. AUDIO Audio jack DOCK A Yamaha iPod universal dock, iPod Controls TV operation, such as input and volume level wireless receiver, and Bluetooth wireless receiver that are connected (p.78, 79). the DOCK jack.

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    SETUP Perform the following 8 steps before use. Select the speaker layout depending on the number of speakers, and then place the speakers in the room. Connect each speaker to the unit. Connect TV to the unit. Connect video devices (BD/DVD players, etc.) or audio devices (CD players, etc.) to the unit. Connect the FM/AM antennas to the unit.

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    Speaker layout Select the speaker layout depending on the numbers of speakers, and then place the speakers and subwoofer (with a built-in amplifier) in the room. The following section describes the representative speaker configuration of 2.1 to 7.1 channel system. NOTEr_ •...

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    Speaker layout 7.1-channel speaker layout 5.1-channel speaker layout 4.1-channel speaker layout 6.1-channel speaker layout - iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii E_ 13...

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    Speaker layout 3.1-channel speaker layout 2.1-channel speaker layout iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii _ !_,iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii E_ 14...

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    Connecting speakers Connect speakers to the unit. Here are connections 7.1-channel speaker layout 6.1-channel speaker layout 7.1- and 6.1-channel speaker layout as examples. If you select another channel speaker layout, connect The unit (rear) The unit (rear) speakers while referring to the connection of 6.1- b e4 channel speaker layout.

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    Connecting speakers Connecting speaker cables Connecting front speakers NOTES compatible with bi-amp Each speaker has two speaker cables. One is for • Before making the bi-amplification connections, remove connecting the - (negative) terminal of the unit and the connection brackets or cables that connect a woofer...

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    The unit is equipped with the following input/output jacks. Use jacks and cables appropriate for devices. Audio/video jacks Analog video jacks Audio jacks HDMI jacks COMPONENT VIDEO jacks OPTICAL jacks Digital videos and sounds are transmitted. Use an HDMI The signal is separated into three devices: These jacks transmit optical digital audio signals.

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    Connecting a TV Connect a TV to the unit. The video signals input to the unit are output to the TV. Connection method 1 (ARC-compatible TV audio can also be output from the unit. The recommended way to connect a TV Connect a TV to the unit with an HDMI cable.

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    Connecting a TV __ Configure the settings for ARC. Configure the settings for HDMI Control. (_) Confirm that the ARC function for the TV is set to on. (_) Activate the HDMI control function of the TV and the devices that support the HDMI control function.

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    Connecting a TV (_) Press SETUP. Connection method 2 (HDMI Control -compatible Connect a TV to the unit with an HDMI cable and an optical cable. SETUP keys ENTER • The following connection and steps are supplied, supposing the "HDMr' in the "Setup" menu has not been changed from the default setting (p.72).

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    Connecting a TV ® Turn on the playback devices, and then confirm the following: Connection method 3 (TV with HDMI input jacks) Unit: Whether the input signals from the playback devices are selected as the HDMI Connect a TV to the unit with an HDMI cable and an optical...

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    Connecting a TV Connection method 4 (TVwithout HDMI input jacks) COMPONENT VIDEO connection (with a component cable) Connect a TV by any of the following connections depending on the input jack for TV MONITOR Video input (COMPONENT VIDEO) jack (Component video) video that is used.

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    Con necting playback devices The unit is equipped with various types of input jacks such as an HDMI jack. Connect Component video connection them to the appropriate output jacks on the playback devices. Connect a video device to the unit with a component cable and an audio cable (an For connecting an iPod, Bluetooth devices and USB storage devices, refer to the...

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    Con necting playback devices S-video connection Analog video connection (U.K. and Europe models only) Connect video devices to the unit with a video pin cable and an audio cable (any of a coaxial cable, an optical cable and stereo pin cable.) Input jacks of the unit (AV3-6) are Connect a video device to the unit with a S-video cable and an audio cable (an analog different depending on the audio input jacks of the video devices.

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    Con necting playback devices Change the combination of input jacks (video/audio) Complete the connections for external devices (such as a TV and When an input jack of the unit does not match an output jack of a video device, select playback device), the power cable and so on, and then turn on the another jack of the unit to match the jack of the video device.

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    Con necting playback devices Connecting to the jack on the front panel Connecting audio devices (such as a CD player) Connect audio devices (such as a CD player, MD player and so on) to the unit. Use the VIDEO AUX jacks on the front panel to temporarily connect devices such as a Select a correct connection depending on the output jacks of the audio devices...

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    Connecting theFM/AM antennas Connecting recording devices Use AV OUT jacks to connect video and audio recording devices. Selected incoming Connect supplied indoor FM antenna and an AM antenna. analog audio/video signals are output through AV OUT jacks. AM antenna FM antenna •...

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    Co n n ecting the power ca b le Before connecting the power cable (General model only) Set the switch position of the VOLTAGE SELECTOR according to your local voltage. Voltages are AC 110-120/220-240 V, 50/60 Hz. VOLTAGE SELECTOR • The VOLTAGE SELECTOR on the rear panel of the unit must be set for your local voltage BEFORE...

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    YPAO MIC jack on the front panel. listening position, and adjusts the volume balance and the tone settings automatically (YPAO: Yamaha Parametric room Acoustic The unit (front) Optimizer). • Be aware of the following when using YPAO.

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    Optimizing the speaker settings automatically (YPAO) Confirm that "Save / Exit" is selected and then press Starting measurement ENTER. Start the measurement by following these steps. • To confirm the measurement result, select "Result." For details, refer to the • YPAO measurement is not performed correctly when...

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    Optimizing speaker settings automatically (YPAO) Press the cursor keys (A/v) to select an item. Confirming measurement result The red-box indicates the speaker that has a problem in the Confirm the YPAO measurement result. following items. For details on remedy of each problem, refer to "Warning messages"...

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    YPAO" to restart the measurement. (E-8:NO SIGNAL) cannot detect test tones. If this error occurs repeatedly, contact the nearest authorized Yamaha dealer or service center. E-9:User Cancel The measurement Select "PROCEED (Proceed)" in step 2 of "Procedure to exit YPAO" to resume the measurement.

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    Optimizing speaker settings automatically (YPAO) Warning messages Even if any warning message is displayed after the measurement, can save the measurement results. However, we recommend that you perform YPAO again for the optimal speaker settings. The speaker indicator that has a problem flashes.

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    PLAYBACK keys Turn on external devices (TV, BD/DVD player, etc.) Switching the information displayed connected to the unit. the front display Use the Input selection keys to select the input source. Press INFO on the remote control or front panel INFO repeatedly.

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    =SOURCE/ RECEIVER With the SCENE function, an input source and registered settings Changing settings for the SCENE (the sound program/surround decoder, Compressed Music function Enhancer, etc.) can be selected with a single key. Press SCENE. Do the following steps to select the settings that you want to register for SCENE.

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    The unit is equipped with a variety of sound programs and sound decoders. Sound programs can make sounds richer, be played on the stereo and more. Choose a sound program that sounds best with the source you are playing back. Selecting suitable sound programs for movies (p.37) Press MOVIE repeatedly.

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    This unit is equipped with a variety of sound programs that utilize Yamaha's original separation between audio channels and the clarity of the sound. technology (CINEMA DSP). It allows you to easily...

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    Sound programs/stereo reproduction suitable for audio contents (MUSIC) Include suitable sound programs for listening to music sources such as CDs. _1 CLASSICAL This sound field simulates a concert hall with approximately 2500 seats in Munich, using stylish wood for the interior finish as a normal standard Hall in Munich European concert halls.

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    Enjoying more spatial sound fields Enjoying multi-channel sounds (surround (CINEMA DSP 3D) decoder) The CINEMA DSP 3D creates virtual speakers by using front When using a surround decoder, audio sources can be played speakers, center speakers and surround speakers, which brings back with up to 7.1-channel.

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    Playback without sound field effects Playing back the compressed audio (straight decoding mode) dynamically (Compressed Music Enhancer) By using the straight decoding mode, sounds from each channel included in input sources are output from each speaker without co_pressed _usic sound field processing. When 2-channel sources such as CD are ENHANCER selected, they are played back by stereo sound through the front Compressed...

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    Press STRAIGHT repeatedly to select one of the When tuning a radio, select a frequency or a registered station. frequency steps. TUNER Switch this unit to the standby mode, and then • To tune into the radio station, connect the antenna in advance (p.27). switch it on again.

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    Press ENTER. Receiving an FM broadcast that has a poor signal It may be possible to receive an unstable FM broadcast by switching from stereo receiving to monaural receiving. (If necessary) To change the preset number from Press MODE. which to start the Auto Preset function, press...

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    Press PRESET to select the preset number. Registering stations manually After pressing PRESET once, numeric keys can be used for Select stations manually and register them to the preset numbers. inputting the preset number (01 to 40) directly. Tune the station that you want to register, referring to "Selecting a frequency for reception"...

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    Front display (when "Program Type" selected) Radio Data System tuning Frequency (U.K. and Europe models only) Radio Data System is a data transmission system used by FM stations in many countries. This unit can receive various Radio Data System data such as "Program Service," "Program Type," "Radio Program Type Text,"...

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    Press ENTER t ostartthesearch function. Press OPTION. Status Press the cursor keys (A/v)to select "Video Out." The transmission search will begin upward from the current frequency in approximately 5 seconds. Or, when the status TUNER indicator reads "READY," you can begin the search immediately by pressing ENTER.

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    By using the USB cable supplied with iPod, optional Yamaha iPod universal dock (such Connecting an iPod as YDS-12) or optional Yamaha iPod wireless system (YID-W10), play back songs from connected iPod with the unit. Using a USB cable to connect...

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    Using the iPod dock to connect an iPod Press DOCK to select "DOCK" as the input source. Connect the iPod to the unit with the optional Yamaha iPod universal dock. Select the content of the iPod, and then start playback.

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    Using the iPod wireless system to connect (transmitter). an iPod Wait for a while until the following display appears on the front Connect the iPod to the unit with the optional Yamaha iPod wireless display. system. Features • Connecting iPod...

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    Press the cursor keys to select the content, and then Controlling while watching a TV monitor press ENTER to confirm the selection. When connecting iPod with a USB cable or iPod dock, iPod can be After selecting a song, playback starts and the Now Playing controlled with the TV monitor.

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    Browse view Now Playing view Play icon Play icon Settings for shuffle playback and repeat playback (p.51) and playback Settings for shuffle playback and repeat playback (p.51) and playback status (playback/pause) are displayed. ENTER status (playback/pause) are displayed. RETURN Song information List name The name of an artist, an album and a song and elapsed time/remaining...

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    Press the cursor keys (<diD) to adjust the setting. Controlling with the remote control Without using "operation menu icon" on the Now Playing view, iPod be operated directly with the remote control. Turns off the shuffle function. Starts playing back the selected song.

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    Controlling by iPod itself Control iPod to play contents. Press MODE. The display on the TV monitor disappears, and then operations can be controlled by the iPod. Press MODE again to return to the TV display (the Browse view.) Select the content with the iPod, and then start playback.

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    Use an optional Yamaha Bluetooth wireless audio receiver (such as Pairing Bluetooth devices YBA-10) to play back songs with Bluetooth devices. Refer to the When your Bluetooth device is connected to a Bluetooth wireless manual for the Bluetooth receivers or your Bluetooth devices also.

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    Select the Bluetooth wireless audio receiver from Press the cursor keys (A/v) repeatedly to select the Bluetooth device list, and then enter a pass key "Connect," and then press ENTER. "0000." When the wireless connection is completed, "BT connected" When the pairing is completed, "Completed" appears. appears.

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    When a USB device is connected to the unit, audio files in the Controlling while watching a TV monitor device, such as WAV (PCM format only), MP3, WMA and MPEG-4 While watching a TV monitor, selecting songs and playback AAC, can be played back. operated.

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    Browse view Now Playing view Play icon Play icon Settings for random playback and repeat playback (p.57) and playback Settings for random playback and repeat playback (p.57) and playback ENTER status (playback/pause) are displayed. status (playback/pause) are displayed. RETURN List name Song information The name of an artist, an album and a song tagged with the file and...

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    Press ENTER. Controlling with the remote control Without using the "operation menu icon" on the Now Playing view, USB devices be operated directly with the remote control. Starts playing back the selected song. • Press RETURN to return to the previous display while operating the menu. II II Pauses playback.

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    Selectable video inputs Combining a song from a USB storage device (iPod) with video from an external HDMI1-5 A video signal input from HDMI1-5 is output. device AV1-6 A video signal input from AV1-6 is output. While listening to a song from a USB device, favorite videos can be A video signal input from the VIDEO AUX jack on the output on the TV monitor.

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    Depending on the input source, configure settings for the function Available settings in Option menu related to playback. An operation for settings is possible with only the front display without using a TV monitor. Therefore, settings can be changed easily as needed. •...

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    Tone Control Enhancer Adjusts the balance of the high-frequency range (Treble) and low-frequency range Enables/disables Compressed Music Enhancer (p.40). (Bass) of sounds output from the front speakers. When headphones are connected, Input sources adjusts the balance of the high-frequency range and low-frequency range of sounds All (the setting is applied to each input source) output from headphones.

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    Extended Surround (EXTD Surround) Signal Info Selects the 5.1 to 7.1-channel signal playback method when surround back speakers Displays information on the current video and audio signals. are used. Input sources HDMI1-5, AV1-4, V-AUX and tile input source set as a TV audio input when ARC is used Input sources HDMI 1-5, AVl-4, V-AUX and tile input source set as a TV audio input when ARC is used Items...

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    Standby Charge iPod Interlock (Interlock) Sets whether or not to charge an iPod connected to the iPod dock or iPod wireless Sets whether operations for the iPod connected to the iPod wireless audio receiver audio receiver while the unit is in standby mode.

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    CONFIGURATIONS Press the cursor keys (A/v) to select an item (p.64) The settings of the unit can be changed from the "Setup" menu and press ENTER. displayed on the TV screen. • Connect the unit and a TV with an HDMI cable to display the "Setup"...

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    Setup menu list Front Selects the size of the front speakers. Center Selects the size of the center speaker and whether or not to use the speaker. Surround Selects the size of the surround speakers and whether or not to use the speakers. Configuration Surround Back...

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    Surround Configuring the speaker settings (Speaker) Selects the size of the surround speakers and whether or not to use the speakers. Adjust parameters for speakers manually. Settings Large Select this when large surround speakers are connected. Select this when small surround speakers are connected.

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    _1 Subwoofer Distance Set whether or not to use a subwoofer. Separately adjusts the timing at which each speaker produce audio so that sounds from Settings the speaker reach the listening position at the same time. Submenu Select this when a subwoofer is connected to the unit.

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    Use the cursor keys (<_/_>) and select "EXIT," and then press ENTER to finish Equalizer "Equalizer." Selects an equalizer type. "YPAO:Flat," "YPAO:Front" and "YPAO:Natural" be set after performing YPAO. Test Tone Settings Turns the test tone generator on or off. When this setting is set to "On,"...

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    Configuring the settings of audio output signals Dynamic Range (Sound) Selects the dynamic range adjustment method for audio bit stream (Dolby Digital DTS) signal playback. Configuring the settings of audio output signals. Settings Maximum (Default) Produces audio without adjusting the dynamic range.

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    Press the cursor keys to adjust the parameters, and then press ENTER. Setting sound program and decoder parameters (DSP) If necessary, repeat step 3 to 4 to set other items. Configuring the settings of sound programs and surround decoders. Press SETUP to finish "Program."...

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    Category: MUSIC (except 2ch Stereo and 7ch Stereo) When "1_ PLI]x Music ([I] PLII Music)" is selected: Sound programs Hall in Munich, Hall in Vienna, Chamber, Cellar Club, Tile Roxy Theatre, Tile Bottom Line Off (Default), When set to "On," front left/right channels sounds are sent to the Panorama...

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    Press the cursor keys (q/I>) to select "OK," and then press ENTER. Configuring the various settings (Function) To change other input names, repeat step 2 to 5. Set the various features that have handy functions. Press SETUP to close "Input Rename."...

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    Memory Guard Setting HDMI functions (HDMI) Prohibits setting changes to prevent careless changes being made to the settings of the Set the settings on HDMI functions. "Setup" menu, YPAO, and SCENE. Settings Off (Default) Settings are not protected. Prohibits changes to the settings in the "Setup"...

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    1_ SCENE 1_ TVAudio Input Select the input source that receives audio signals from TV while the HDMI Control Specify whether or not a TV or external device (such as a BD/DVD player) connected function is on. When using a TV that supports the Audio Return Channel...

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    Resolution Standby Through Select the resolution of HDMI output video signals. For details on conversion of video Specify whether or not audio/video signals from HDMI inputs are to continue to be resolution, refer to "Video conversion table" (p.91). transmitted to a TV when the unit is in standby mode.

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    Setting language displayed on the TV screen (Language) Selecting the language displayed on the TV screen. Settings English (Default) English FI21_:_ Japanese Frangais French Deutsch German Espa6ol Spanish PyCCKH_ Russian • Only English is displayed on the front display. • Even if selecting a language in this item, the characters contained in the name of file, folder and song cannot be displayed in the selected language.

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    The remote control of the unit can only receive signals from a receiver which has an identical ID (remote control ID). When using multiple Yamaha AV receivers, you can set Press _ to switch the unit to the standby mode, and then switch it on each remote control with a unique remote control ID for its corresponding receiver.

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    Settings Setting bi-amp connections Enables the monitor check function. (Video output signals of a resolution YES (Default) not supported by the TV will not be transmitted.) Disables the monitor check function. (Video output signals of any SKIP resolution will be transmitted.) Switch the bi-amp connections...

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    RECEIVER You can operate an external device such as a TV or BD/DVD player Registering remote control codes for TV with the remote control of the unit by setting the remote control code operations for the external device (remote control code). Register a TV remote control code to control the TV with the remote control.

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    MUTE TVVOL TV CH • The CD player (Yamaha: 5095) to AV3 as factory default settings. No remote control keys are assigned to other input selection keys. Use "Remote Control Code Search" in the CD-ROM to search the available remote control codes for the category, manufacturer, or external device.

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    Operating external devices Initializing all remote control codes SOURCE_ When the remote control codes for external devices are assigned Initializing all remote control codes to the initial factory settings. an input selection key, the external device can be controlled with RECEIVER the following keys...

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    And this may cause injury or damage this another Yamaha product or another remote control may work on this unit. In this case, unit or speakers. We recommend using "Max Volume" in the "Setup" menu to set the...

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    The power will not turn on. The internal circuits of the unit have a problem. your nearest Yamaha dealer or service center to request repairs. The internal microcomputer is hung-up due to an external electric Press and hold (/) (power) for over 10 seconds.

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    Audio No appropriate input source has been selected. Select an appropriate input source with the input selection key. Signals that the unit cannot reproduce are being input from a source No sound. Use an input source that has signals that can be reproduced on the unit.

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    iiiiii iii ii iiiii iiiiii iii iiiiiii ii iiii iii ii iiiii ii iiii iii ii iiiii iiiiii iii ii iiiii iiiiii iii iiiiiii ii iiii iii ii iiiii ii iiii iii ii iiiii iiiiii iii ii iiiii iiiiii iii iiiiiii ii iiii iii ii iiiii ii iiii iii ii i_i_i i_i!i i ii_i;...

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    iiiiii iii ii iiiii iiiiii iii iiiiiii ii iiii iii ii iiiii ii iiii iii ii iiiii iiiiii iii ii iiiii iiiiii iii iiiiiii ii iiii iii ii iiiii ii iiii iii ii iiiii iiiiii iii ii iiiii iiiiii iii iiiiiii ii iiii iii ii iiiii ii iiii iii ii i_i_i i_i!i i ii_i;...

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    Not found While connected: The Bluetooth device is not found. Check if the Bluetooth device is turned on. Check if the Bluetooth device is within 10 m (32 ft.) of the Yamaha Bluetooth Wireless Audio Receiver. Do pairing again. Unknown iPod The iPod being used is not supported by the unit.

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    The following illustration indicates the ideal speaker layout. We recommend using the following layout as a guide when placing the speakers. However, by using YPAO, you can automatically optimize the speaker settings to suit your speaker layout. Turn it slightly inward to reduce wall reflections.

  • Page 88

    Based on a wealth of actually Dolby TrueHD is an advanced Iossless audio technology developed for high-definition disc-based measured data, Yamaha CINEMA DSP uses Yamaha's original DSP technology to combine Dolby media including Blu-ray Disc. Selected as an optional audio standard for Blu-ray Disc, this...

  • Page 89

    DTS-HD Master Audio is an advanced Iossless audio technology developed for high-definition disc- Yamaha has developed a natural, realistic sound effect DSP algorithm for headphones. Parameters based media including Blu-ray Disc. Selected as an optional audio standard for Blu-ray Disc, this...

  • Page 90

    S-video signal With the S-video signal system, the video signal normally transmitted using a pin cable is separated and transmitted as the Y signal for the luminance and the C signal for the chrominance through the S-video cable. Using the S VIDEO jack eliminates video signal transmission loss and allows recording and playback...

  • Page 91

    @ Video conversion table Video signal flow The video signals input from video devices to the unit are output to a TV. • Use "Processing" in the "Setup" menu to change the resolution and aspect ratio of video signals and output from the HDMI OUT jack. •...

  • Page 92

    HDMI Control Turn on the unit, the TV and external devices. Set the HDMI Control function of the unit, the TV and external devices Connecting the unit and TV with an HDMI cable links the TV's remote control to the unit compatible with HDMI Control (such as a BD/DVD player) to "On."...

  • Page 93

    Bluetooth Biuetooth is a registered trademark of the Biuetooth SIG and is used by Yamaha in accordance with • This unit is not compatible with the audio commentary features (for example, the special audio contents a license agreement.

  • Page 94

    Input Jacks HDMI Tuner • Analog Audio ...... 4 (AV5, AV6, AUDIO, VIDEO AUX) • Input • Analog Tuner Front ..............1 (VIDEO AUX) FM/AM ..............1 (TUNER) • Digital Audio Rear ............... 5 (HDMI1-5) Optical ..............2 (AV1, AV4) Compatible Decoding Format...

  • Page 95

    Audio Section • Channel Separation • Harmonic Distortion (IHR 1 kHz) Mono ................. 0.3% AV5 etc. (Input 5.1 k£2Shorted, 1 kHz/10 kHz) • Rated Output Power (1 channel driven) ..............60 dB/45 dB or more Stereo ................0.5% [U.S.A. and Canada models] (1 kHz, 0.9% THD, 8 _-)) •...

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    YAMAHA CORPORATION © 2011 Yamaha Corporation YD340B0/OMEN...

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    @YAMAHA AV Receiver For more detailed information, refer to the Owner's Manual on the CD-ROM. To view the Owner's Manual, click on "English" ill the screen displayed automatically when you insert the Safety Brochure CD-ROM into your PC, or click on the model...

  • Page 98

    LISTENING ... sounds is often undetectable until it is too late, Yamaha and the Electronic Industries This Class B digital apparatus complies with Canadian ICES-003. Association's Consumer Electronics...

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    Yamaha will not be held the transmit indicator does not flash or is din] responsible for any damage resulting from use of this unit with a voltage other than specified.

  • Page 100

    Yamaha. Please backup any custom settings or data, as Yamaha may not be hekt responsible for any alteration The following are excluded from this guarantee: or loss to such settings or data.

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    List of remote control codes Lista de codigos de mando a distancia Liste des codes de commande Lijst met afstandsbedieningscodes Liste der Fernbedienungscodes ynpaBneHH_ Ct3HCOK KO_OB _HCTaHU, HOHHOFO Lista 6ver fj_irrstyrningskoder Elenco dei codici di telecomando Alntron OO58 Baur 0320, 0349 Cathay 0320, 0349, 0350...

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    Crown Electa 0348 Frontech 0179 0058, 0161, 0171,0179, 0282, 0323,0337,0343, 0058,0059, Grunpy 0320, 0323, ELECTRO TECH 0343 0347 Haier 0343,0349, 0346, 0157,0233 0351 Electroband 0107 Halifax 0350, 0055, 0059, 0069, 0074, 0075, 0277,0282, 0337,0342 Fujitsu CS Electronics 0277, 0340, 0342 0176 0282 Hallmark...

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    0010 0039 Motion 0171 0010,0013, Infinity Magnavox 0008,0009, lnFocus 0327, 0363,0479, Kl0ss N0vabeam 0057, OO58 Motorola 0250, 0026, 0032, 0033,0048, 0052,0178 0508 Kneissel 0161, 0168,0320 0050,0128, 0211,0212, 0008, 0026, 0050, 0053, 0347 Kolster 0320, 0350 0224,0226, 0239 0161,0277 lngelen 0343 Konka 0340 0349...

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    Orion Schneider 0043, 0146, 0283,0320, Phonola 0277, 0320, 0339, 0349, 0008, 0021,0024,0025, 0282, 0316, 0318, 0320, 0323, 0328, 0343,0349, 0350 0026, 0027,0042,0049, 0333, 0340, 0342, 0349, 0350 0050 Pilot 0007, 0008, 0052, 0053,0063,0136, 0350,0382 Orline 0320 Pioneer 0008, 0026, 0094, 0095, 0225 Scotch 0026,0031...

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    Wincom 0101, 0106 Blaupunkt Bondstec Tashiko 0342,0344, Trans Continens 0282 0320 1008,1030 0277,0282, Xrypton 0320 Broksonic 1100 0346 Transtec 0277 Yamaha 0008, 0026,0050,0053, Bush 0282,0320, Trident 0282 1008,1009,1024,1025, Tatung 00520177, 0080, 0081,0082,0083, 0350 0320 1029,1049,1051,1063, 0342 0349, 0086, 0087 Triumph...

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    Catron 1030 iBUYPOWER 1016 Matsushita 1068 Firstline 1008, 1024, 1029, 1031 1027 Fisher 1065 1030 Media Center PC 1016 1026, lmpego Cimline Flint 1024 1026 Mediator 1028 1008, 1024,1029 Imperial CineVision 1104 F0rmenti/Phoenix 1028 lnno Hit 1008,1009,1025,1028, Medion 1024 Citizen 1071 Frontech 1030...

  • Page 107

    1031 1020,1068,1069,1102, Saisho 1024, 1029 Sylvania Brandt 2148,2188 1126 XR- 1000 1069 Samsung 1002, 1034, 1041, 1043, 1068, Broksonic 2145,2146 Yamaha 1065 1057, 1060, 1070, 1084, Symphonic 1008,1069,1126 1064, Bush 2064,2110,2170,2268, 1016 Vamishi 1029 1110, 1116, 1122, 1124, Systemax 1008,...

  • Page 108

    Minowa 2367 California Andio Labs Elta 2341, 2361,2362 2260, 2262,2263,2321, 2151 Emerson 2129, Mintek 2137,2150 2324, 2326,2327,2343, 2131,2245 Mitsubishi 2003 2464, 2465,2468,2469, Cambridge Audio 2354 Enterprise 2129 2352, 2353 Enzer 2380 2471 Mizuda 2358,2359 Jwin 2380 2198 CAVS 2192 Epson 2247 Monyka Centrum...

  • Page 109

    2052,2068,2069, Qwestar Toshiba 2086,2218 2159 Urban Concepts Raite 2380 2070, 2071,2074,2075, Victor 2475 2245 US Logic 2021, 2084, 2029,2104,2105, 2085,2087,2168, Yamaha 2089,2118 Venturer 2149 2131, 2149,2156,2157, 2171, Viewmaster 2364 2208,2210,2211, 2229 2258, 2206 2273,2284,2285, Vocopro RedStar 2356, 2360, 2362 2312,...

  • Page 110

    Generallnstrument Pulsar 3122 3097,3100,3101 Visiopass PVP Stereo Visual Matrix Vortex View 3127 Cable 3017,3025,3066,3084, 3018 3098 3090,3096,3117 Wittenberg 3002, 3003,3017,3066, Goldstar 3120 Zenith 3113,3122,3124 Quasar 3122 3067, 3086,3093,3119, Zentek 3126 RadioShack 3123, 3127 Gooding 3099 3122 Grundig 3098, 3099 3030, 3031,3087, 3118 3020 Realistic...

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    4217 Goktbox 4213 Koslnos 4049 Broco Dishpro 4018, 4117 4041 Distrisat 4053 GoldStar 4049 4004 BSkyB 4035, 4216 Ditristrad 4048 Goodmans 4015 4002,4006,4029 Kreisehneyer Bubu Sat 4217 4014,4053,4055 Goodmind 4111 K-SAT 4217 Bush 4045 Drake 4072 Grandin 4031 4001 4006, Kyostar 4218 DStv...

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    Mitsumi 4054 Pioneer 4213 Teleka 4046, 4051, 4212,4219 4004, 4011, 4014, 4218, Schwaiger 4053,4054,4055, Polsat 4052 4215 4219 Morgan's 4011, 4217 Predki 4013 Seelnann Telemaster 4010 4009, 4011,4014 Motorola 4019, 4088,4090,4091 Premiere 4048, 4213 4001, 4008,4013,4024 Telesat 4219 Multichoice 4222 Priesner 4011 Seleco...

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    Yamaha 5019,5020,5098 Yamaha 5082, 5095 Tuner DOCK Apple TV Yamaha 5066,5085,5088,5090, _maha 5068, 5089 Apple 2241 CD Recorder 5092 "Apple TV"is atrademark orregistemdmark Yamaha 5083 of Apple Inc. Y:tm:tha 5071, 5076, 5079, 5094 YAMAHA CORPORATION © 201t Yamaha Corporation YD340B0/RC...

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