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Before You Call - Maytag Performa PER5510BAW User Manual

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You Call
for Service
Check if oven controls have been prop-
erly set.
Check to be sure plug is securely in-
serted into receptacle.
Check or re-set circuit breaker. Check or
replace fuse.
Check power supply.
Part or all of appliance
does not
Check if surface and/or oven controls
have been properly set. See pgs. 3 & 8.
Check if oven door is unlocked after self-
clean cycle. See pg. 13.
Check if oven is set for a delayed cook or
clean program. See pgs. 11 & 13.
Baking results not as expected
or differ from previous oven.
Make sure the oven vent has not been
blocked. See pg. 9 for location.
Check to make sure range is level.
Temperatures often vary between a new
oven and an old one. As ovens age, the
oven temperature often"drifts" and may
become hotter or cooler. See pg. 7 for
instructions on adjusting the oven tem-
See "Cooking Made Simple" for more
information on bakeware and baking.
Food not broiling
smokes excessively.
Check oven rack positions. Food may be
too close to element.
Broil element was not preheated.
foil was incorrectly used.
Never line the broiler insert with foil.
Oven door was closed during broiling.
Leave the door open to the first stop
position (about 4 inches).
Trim fat from meat before broiling.
A soiled broiler pan was used.
Oven will
not self-clean.
Check to make sure the cycle is not set
for a delayed start.
Check if door is closed.
Oven did not clean properly.
Longer cleaning time may be needed.
Excessive spillovers, especially sugary
and/or acidic foods, were not removed
prior to the self-clean cycle.
Oven door will not unlock
Oven interior is still hot. Allow about
one hour for the oven to cool after the
completion of a self-clean cycle.The door
can be opened when the LOCK indicator
word is not displayed.
in oven or on
oven window.
This is normal when cooking foods high
in moisture.
Excessivem°isturewas usedwhenclean-
ing the window.
There is a strong odor or light
smoke when oven is turned on.
This is normal for a new range and will
disappear after a few uses. Initiating a
clean cycle will"burn off" the odor more
Turning on a ventilation fan will help
remove the smoke and/or odor.
There are excessive food soils on the
oven bottom. Use a self-clean cycle.
a number
the display.
This is called a fault code. If a fault code
appears in the display and beeps sound,
press the Cancel pad. If the fault code
and beeps continue, disconnect power
to the appliance. Wait a few minutes,
then reconnect power. If fault code and
beeps still continue, disconnect power
to the appliance and call an authorized
If the oven is heavily soiled, excessive
flare-ups may result in a fault code dur-
ing a clean cycle. Press Cancel pad and
allow the oven to cool completely. Wipe
out the heavy soil, and then reset the
clean cycle. If the fault code and beeps
still continue, disconnect power to the
appliance and call an authorized servicer.

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