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Maytag PERFORMA PER4510 User Manual

Maytag range user manual
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Installer: Please leave this manual with this appliance.
Consumer: Please read and keep this manual for future reference.
Keep sales receipt and/or cancelled check as proof of purchase.
Model Number
Serial Number
Table of Contents
Surface Cooking .............
Oven Cooking ..............
If you have questions, call:
1-800-688-9900 (U.S.A.)
Care & Cleaning ............
1-800-688-2002 (Canada)
1-800-688-2080 ( U.S. TTYfor
hearing or speech impaired)
You Call ..............
(Mon.-Fri., 8am-8 pm Eastern Time)
Internet: http://www.maytag.corn
Warranty ..................
For service information, see page 11.
Guide de L'utilisateur ........
In our continuing effort to improve the quality and performance of
our cooking products, it may be necessary to make changes to the
del Usuario
appliance without revising this guide.
FormNo. A/03/00
Part No. 8113P264-60



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  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    1-800-688-2080 ( U.S. TTYfor hearing or speech impaired) (Mon.-Fri., 8am-8 pm Eastern Time) Internet: http://www.maytag.corn For service information, see page 11. In our continuing effort to improve the quality and performance of our cooking products, it may be necessary to make changes to the appliance without revising this guide.
  • Page 2: Safety Instructions

    To check if device is properly installed, look underneath range with a flashlight to make sure one of the rear leveling legs is properly engaged in the bracket slot. The anti-tip device secures the rear leveling...
  • Page 3 CAUTION: NEVER store items of inter- est to children in cabinets above an appli- ance or on backgnard of a range. Children for Future climbing on appliance, door or drawer to reach items could damage the appliance or be burned or seriously injured.
  • Page 4: Surface Cooking

    CAUTION: Before Cooking • Always place a pan on the surface unit before you turn it on. To pre- vent damageto range,neveroper- ate surface unit without a pan in place. • NEVER usethe cooktop as astor- age areafor food or cookware, During Cooking •...
  • Page 5 Pans should not extend more than 1-2inches beyond the element. oversized pans, use the Canning Element (Model CE1). C ontact your Maytag dealer for details or call • When home canningor cookingwith 1-800-688-8408. • Cleanfrequently. (Seecleaning sec- tion, page 8.)
  • Page 6: Oven Cooking

    Oven Cookin Oven Control Bake NOTE:The display will flashwhen the appliance is first connected to power or ifpower is interrupted. The display will stop flashing once time-of-day clock has been set. The Bake,Broil and Timer indicators light when function is pressed. Cancel Press to cancel all operations except the clock and timer.
  • Page 7 Baking, Roasting and Broiling Oven Operation CAUTIONS: • Besureallpackingmaterialisramovedfromovenbefore turning on, • Do not use oven for storing food or cookwara. • Many aerosol-type spray cans are EXPLOSIVEwhen exposed to heat and may be highly flammable. Avoid their use or storage near the oven. •...
  • Page 8 Oven Light Push the switch on the control panel to turn it on and off. Vent Oven When the oven is in use, thearea near the vent may feel hot or warm to the touch, Never block the vent opening. OVEN VENT TION •...
  • Page 9: Care & Cleaning

    Care and Cleanin Cleaning CAUTIONS: • Besure appliance is off and all parts are cool before handling or cleaning. This is to avoid damageand possible burns. Cleaning Chart Parts Cleaning Procedure Backguard & Porcelainenamel is glass fused on metal and may crackor chip with misuse.It is acid resistant, not acid proof. Cooktop, All spillovers,especiallyacid or sugar spillovers,should be wiped up immediatelywith a dry cloth.
  • Page 10: Maintenance

    Push down on the top corners of the door to completely seat door on hinges. Door should not ap- pear crooked, NOTE: The oven door on a new range may feel "spongy" when it is closed. This is normal and will decrease with use.