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Operation - Craftsman ZTS 6000 Operator's Manual

Zero-turn mower 2-bin bagger attachment twin bagger / 52" mower
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Clearthe lawn of all sticks, stones, wire and other debris
which may be caught or thrown by the mower blades.
Checkgrass condition, if wet, wait until later in the day.
If grass is wet, the grass catcher is likely to become
For efficient bagging, air circulation under the mower
deck, through the chute and into the bag is very impor-
For this reason, BEFORE YOU BEGINMOWINGyou
should make certain the underside of the mower and
the underside of the catcher lid are free from grass and
Make sure that there is a snug fit between mower deck,
blower housing, tubes, and grass catcher cover.
Mowingwith the Catcher
Always operate with throttle at full speedwhen mowing.
Grass should be cut often, and not too short. If grass is too
long or lush it may be necessaryto keepground speed to a
minimum or to cut only half the width of the mower to pre-
vent clogging. If grass is long, operatewith mower in high
cutting position for first pass, cutting again in a lower posi-
tion on a second pass.
Do not open the coverwith mower engaged.
If a large amount of cut grass is spilling out from under
deck, the tube may be plugged or the bags may be full--
discontinue mowing, stop the unit, disengagethe PTO,shut
off the engine and then empty the catcher or clear the tube.
WARNING: ALWAYSshut off the tractor. Disengage
the PTO, and allow all moving parts to stop BEFORE
disconnecting or clearing tube, or emptying catcher.
Before leaving the operator's position for any reason,
engage the parking brake, disengage the PTO,stop the
engine and remove the key.
To reducefire hazard, keep the engine, rider and mower
free of grass, leaves and excess grease. Do not stop
or park rider over dry leaves,grass or combustible
CAUTION: Before you begin operating the unit be
certain you have read all of the safety and operational
information of this instruction sheet, as well as the
Operator's Manual for the tractor and any other
NOTE. Never operate on slopes greater than 17.6% (10°).
After Operation
Removeany debris from the screen on the underside of the
The blower housing and tube should be removed for clean-
inspect the grass bags for wear or damage. Make sure that
there is a snug fit between mower deck, blower housing,
tubes, and grass catcher cover.
CAUTION: D o not leavegrass in bagger containers.
Empty containers after each use and before storing.
Failureto do so may result in spontaneous combustion
which could develop into a fire.

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