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Operatorsafety; Generalwarnings; Safety Decals - Craftsman ZTS 6000 Operator's Manual

Zero-turn mower 2-bin bagger attachment twin bagger / 52" mower
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Read these safety ruJes and foiJowthem cJoseJy. F ailure to obeythese rules couJdresult in loss of controJ of unit,
severepersonal injuryor death to you, or bystanders,or damage to propertyor equipment. The ,_,triangJe in text
signifiesimportantcautionsor warningswhichmust be followed.
* Know the unit's controls and how to stop quickly. READ
, Readand obey all safety decals.
Only allow responsible adults, who are familiar with the
instructions, to operatethe unit.
Disengagethe PTO. Shut off the engine and wait for
all moving parts to stop before attaching, adjusting, or
disconnecting any part of the collection system.
Checkthe collection system to make sure it is bolted
tightly to the unit.
DONOT operate the unit without either the entire grass
catcher or the deflector in place.
Turn off the PTOto disengagethe blades when not
DONOT mow in reverse unless absolutely necessary.
Always look down and behind before and while travelling
in reverse.
DONOT turn sharply when travelling alongside a building
or any object. Slow down before turning.
DONOT carry passengers.
When collection system is removed from the mower
deck, the deflector must be properly installed.
Collector bags are subject to deterioration and wear
during normal use. inspect the bag periodically for tears,
holes, or weak spots and replace with a new bag that
meets manufacturer's durability standards.
, For added stability and to prevent tipping or loss of
a. Use reduced speedon uneven ground and when
turning corners.
b. Reduce loads on hillsides. It is recommendedthat the
collection system be kept only half full when negotiating
any slopes. Start mowing on slopes when the collection
system is empty.
c. Mow up and down the face of slopes; never across
the face of any slope.
o Never operate on slopesgreater than 17.6% (10°).
Safety Decals
Severalsafety labels are installed on the unit to remind you
of important information while you are operating your unit.
All DANGER, WARNING, CAUTION and instructional mes-
sages on your rider, attachments and mower should be
carefully read and obeyed. Personal bodily injury can result
when these instructions are not followed. The safety decals
below are on your product.
If any decals are lost or damaged, replacethem at once.
Seeyour local dealer for replacements.
These labels are easily applied and will act as a con-
stant visual reminder to you, and others who may usethe
equipment, to follow the safety instructions necessary for
safe, effective operation.
Attachment Decal
Decal- WARNINGThrown Objects Hazard
Part Number 1732819

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