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Sharp DV-HR300F Operation Manual page 9

Dvd recorder with hard disc
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Upkeep of cabinet
• The cabinet surface employs a lot of plastic. Do not wipe
these surfaces with benzene or thinner because this may
cause deterioration or paint peeling.
• Do not apply volatile liquids like insecticide to the
cabinet. Also, do not allow long-term contact with
materials like rubber, vinyl products or synthetic leather.
Doing so may cause problems like paint peeling.
• Do not affix stickers or tape to the Recorder. Doing so
may cause cabinet discolouration or damage.
• If the cabinet or front panel display gets dirty, gently wipe
it off with soft cloth like flannel. If it is extremely dirty, soak
a cloth in neutral detergent diluted with water, wring the
cloth well, wipe, and then wipe again with a dry cloth.
Using powerful cleaners may cause discolouration,
deterioration or paint peeling. We recommend testing any
cleaners at an inconspicuous location on the Recorder.
Electromagnetic interference
• If you use a mobile phone or other electronic equipment
near the Recorder, video may be disturbed or become
noisy during playback or recording due to electromag-
netic interference.
• To avoid the effects of radio interference, set up the
antenna at a location away from busy roads, electric
wires for train, electric transmission lines and neon signs.
This is effective for preventing electric shock accidents in
the unlikely event that antenna falls down.
• Do not make the antenna line unnecessarily long, or
bundle it. Be careful because doing so will cause the
picture to be unstable.
• The antenna is exposed to the weather, so be careful to
periodically check and replace it. This will ensure a
beautiful picture. Antennas are particularly susceptible to
damage at locations with heavy smoke and soot, and
locations exposed to sea breeze.
Hard disc (HDD)
• This Recorder records programmes onto a hard disc
(HDD). The hard disc is equipped with a safety mecha-
nism to protect data from impact, vibration and dust.
However, to prevent loss of recorded data, you should be
particularly careful of the following points:
• Do not subject the Recorder to any impact.
• Do not use at a location which is unstable or subject to
• Do not move the Recorder while the power is on.
• Do not unplug the power cord from the AC outlet
during recording or playback. First turn power "OFF",
and then unplug the power cord from the AC outlet.
• Do not use at a location with abrupt temperature
variation (variation of more than 10°C per hour).
• The Recorder will malfunction if used at a cold location
(5°C or less) or an extremely hot location (35°C or
• If you carry the Recorder from a cold location to a
warm location, let the Recorder sit for a while before
using it.
Precautions about Using This Product
• In the unlikely event that the hard disc (HDD) malfunc-
tions for some reason, you cannot replace it by yourself. If
you disassemble the Recorder you will void the warranty.
Please contact the nearest service centre approved by
Sharp. We cannot provide compensation for data content
if data is lost or not recorded.
Connected equipment
• Read carefully the "Precautions for Use" in the operation
manual for any equipment connected to the Recorder.
Power conservation
• When you are finished using the Recorder, conserve
power by turning power off. If you go on a trip, or
otherwise will not use the Recorder for a long time,
unplug the power cord from the AC outlet to ensure
Requests regarding setup
• Do not cover the fan or ventilation holes on the back of
the Recorder. Doing so will interfere with heat radiation
and cause malfunction.
Notes about use
• The Recorder and cabinet may become a little hot,
depending on the use environment when using this
Recorder. This is not a malfunction.
• When unplugging the power cord (to move the Recorder,
etc.), first turn off power (STANDBY indicator on the front
of the Recorder lights up red) to protect the hard disc
• When power is turned on, the fan will rotate to cool the
• Immediately after plugging the power cord into an AC
outlet, or after recovery from a power failure, the unit may
fail to operate for more than ten seconds because the
Recorder is performing system adjustment.
Notes about this operation
• In this operation manual, the terms "the Recorder", "this
Recorder" or "your Recorder" refer to the "DV-HR350F/
DV-HR300F DVD Recorder with Hard Disc".
• The screen displays and Recorder illustrations given in
this operation manual are for explanatory purposes, and
may differ somewhat from the actual screen and Re-



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