Sharp DV-HR300F Operation Manual

Sharp DV-HR300F Operation Manual

Dvd recorder with hard disc
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The region number
for this recorder is 2


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Sharp DV-HR300F

  • Page 2 This equipment complies with the requirements of Directives 89/336/EEC and 73/23/EEC as amended by 93/68/EEC. Dieses Gerät entspricht den Anforderungen der EG-Richtlinien 89/336/EWG und 73/23/EWG mit Änderung 93/68/EWG. Ce matériel répond aux exigences contenues dans les directives 89/336/CEE et 73/23/CEE modifiées par la directive 93/68/CEE.
  • Page 3: Safety Information

    OPERATION MANUAL ENGLISH SAFETY INFORMATION Power Cord Protection Note: To avoid any malfunctions of the Recorder, and to This Recorder can be used only where the power protect against electric shock, fire or personal injury, supply is AC 220V-240V, 50Hz. It cannot be used please observe the following.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Contents SAFETY INFORMATION ......Channel Setting ........... 26 Channel Setting ............. Features ............Channel Sort ..............Deleting Channels ............Accessories ..........Re-naming Channels ............. Precautions about Using This Product ..Display Information ........28 Content of TV Screen Display ........About Hard Disc (HDD) .......
  • Page 5 Contents Basic Operation for ADJUSTMENT Setting ....Settings During Playback ......61 Functions under OTHER SETTINGS 2 ......Function Control ............. MODE SETTING ............Basic Operation for MODE SETTING ......Simultaneous Recording/Playback MANUAL TUNING ............Function ..........63 CHANNEL SORT ............Viewing the Programme Being Recorded from the CLOCK SETTING ............
  • Page 6: Features

    Features DVD-RW/R recording/playback “Time Shift Viewing”, “Chasing with outstanding compatibility Playback” and “Simultaneous Recording/Playback” —functions • This Recorder is compatible with digital recording on rewritable DVD-RW discs and one-time record- you can only get with a hard disc able DVD-R discs. It has two recording formats: “VR 1Time shift viewing (Video Recording) mode”...
  • Page 7: Accessories

    Features Simple operation and user-friendly system design using a new remote control • The S system allows you to programme 1START MENU your Recorder for timer recording simply by input- Press START MENU button on the remote control, ting the S Programming number.
  • Page 8: Precautions About Using This Product

    Sharp. location, or use it in a cold room where heating has just Do not cover the fan or ventila- been turned on (i.e.
  • Page 9 Please contact the nearest service centre approved by cause deterioration or paint peeling. Sharp. We cannot provide compensation for data content if data is lost or not recorded. Connected equipment • Read carefully the “Precautions for Use” in the operation manual for any equipment connected to the Recorder.
  • Page 10: About Hard Disc (Hdd)

    HDD following points when setting up and using the Recorder. malfunction, please be aware beforehand that Sharp will Failure to observe precautions may cause damage to the bear no responsibility to compensate for the content...
  • Page 11: About Dvd

    About DVD • DVD video players and discs have region numbers, Types of Discs that Can Be which dictate the regions in which a disc can be played. The region number for this product is 2. (Discs marked Used with This Recorder ALL will play in any player.) •...
  • Page 12: Types Of Discs For Recording

    About DVD Types of Discs for Recording About MP3 file format MP3 files are audio data compressed in MPEG1 Audio • DVD-RW and DVD-R discs can be recorded with this layer 3 file format. “MP3 files” have “.mp3” as extensions. Recorder.
  • Page 13: Recording Formats

    About DVD Recording Formats Recording Time • There are two recording formats available with this • The recording mode that can be set varies according to Recorder: the VR mode and the Video mode. the recording format. Refer to the table below for the •...
  • Page 14: Using The Proper Disc

    About DVD Using the Proper Disc Unrecordable Material Æ Æ Æ Æ Æ This Recorder is equipped with a copy guard Select the disc and recording format to be used according to the objective of the recording. function that prevents recording of video software Select the disc and recording format by referring or broadcast programmes that contain a signal that restricts copying in accordance with copyrights and...
  • Page 15: Initialization And Finalization

    Initialization and Finalization Initialization (Formatting) Initialization is required when using DVD-RW discs in the Video mode. (See page 95 for details about Initializa- tion.) When an unused DVD-RW disc is placed in the Recorder immediately after the disc has been purchased, the Recorder is set to automatically begin initializing in the VR mode.
  • Page 16: Icons Used On Dvd Video Disc Case

    About the Contents of the Disc x Subtitle languages Icons Used on DVD Video Disc Case This indicates the kind of subtitles. When you buy a DVD Video disc, the back of the disc case c Screen aspect ratio usually contains various information about the contents of Movies are shot in a variety of screen modes.
  • Page 17: Important Information

    Recorder or a disc, or due to an • Request cleaning of the lens to the nearest service centre external factor such as a power failure or condensa- approved by Sharp. tion of moisture and so forth, the manufacturer is not responsible for compensation for unrecorded contents Warning of Dew Formation or incidental damages.
  • Page 18: Major Components

    Major Components Main Unit (Front) To open the front door, lay your finger on this part and pull toward you. 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 Æ Æ Æ Æ Æ REC (p. 34) OPERATE (p. 22) Disc tray (p. 35) STANDBY indicator (p.
  • Page 19: Remote Control Unit

    Major Components Remote Control Unit OPERATE (p. 22) OPEN/CLOSE (p. 35) Number buttons (pp. 19, 39) TV/DVD (p. 20) TIMER ON/OFF (p. 40) TIME SHIFT (p. 32) START MENU (p. 24) HDD (p. 30) REC LIST/DVD TITLE (pp. 51, 59) Cursor buttons (' /"...
  • Page 20: Loading The Batteries

    Major Components Loading the Batteries While pressing Y down, Load the batteries. Slide the battery cover slide the battery cover in Load the two R-03 size batteries (“AAA” in the direction of the the direction of the size, UM/SUM-4) supplied with the arrow until it clicks.
  • Page 21: Operating A Tv Using The Remote Control (Universal Remote Control)

    The Universal Remote Control may operate the operate this Recorder by remote control basic functions of 16 different types of TVs. along with another SHARP DVD recorder or To enter the Manufacturer’s Code for your TV, DVD player placed next to it simulta- follow the instructions below.
  • Page 22: Basic Connection

    Basic Connection Connect the TV antenna Connection Using Antenna Cables and SCART cable to the ANTENNA IN Cables jack on the rear of this Recorder. The following connection is the basic connection to watch or record TV programmes. Connect the ANTENNA OUT jack on the rear of Important! this Recorder to the...
  • Page 23: Using Other Types Of Video Output

    Basic Connection Using Other Types of Video Output In order to view clearer DVD images, it is recommended that you use a commer- cially available S-video or component video cable when connecting your TV to the video output. Connecting Using an S-video or Video Cable and Audio Cable...
  • Page 24: Auto Installation

    Auto Installation Preparation Turning the Power On • Turn on the power of TV and switch to the AV input used to connect to the Recorder. Press OPERATE on the remote control or Recorder to turn on the Press OPERATE for the first time power of Recorder.
  • Page 25 Auto Installation Select the country where you live If you want to move any channels, using ' / " / \ / | , then press press ' / " / \ / | to highlight SET/ENTER. the channel to be moved. Then press SET/ENTER to confirm.
  • Page 26: About Start Menu

    About START MENU About START MENU Basic START MENU Operation With this Recorder, you can call up functions like Playback, Edit and Other Settings from the “START MENU”. Press START MENU to display For details on operation procedures, see the the “START MENU”...
  • Page 27: Clock Setting

    Clock Setting Press \ / | to select “DATE”, Clock Setting then enter the date using the Number buttons or ' / " . The clock will normally be set using the VPS/ • For example, for 1st April press 0 1 0 PDC information when your Recorder automatically tunes in the broadcast channels.
  • Page 28: Channel Setting

    Channel Setting Press ' / " to select “SKIP”, Channel Setting then press \ / | to select “ON” or This Recorder can receive a maximum of 84 “OFF”. channels by presetting the channels into • The SKIP function determines memory.
  • Page 29: Deleting Channels

    Channel Setting If any more channels are to be Re-naming Channels moved, repeat the procedure from When your Recorder tunes in broadcast step 5 to 6 . channels automatically, it names them using When all the channels are in your the VPS/PDC information.
  • Page 30: Display Information

    Display Information Press ON SCREEN (under the Content of TV Screen cover) or HDD again. Display • The HDD information screen is displayed. When the power is turned on or the channel is switched. I N AL REMAIN 19 h10m F I NE PR 2 ARD NICAM STEREO...
  • Page 31: Checking The Channel, Remaining Time Of Dvd And Number Of Titles

    Display Information NOTE Checking the Channel, • The DVD information screen (step 2 ) will Remaining Time of DVD automatically disappear in 1 minute. • The counter display (step 3 ) will not dis- and Number of Titles appear automatically. Press ON SCREEN (under the cover) or DVD to turn it off.
  • Page 32: Preparation To Operate This Recorder

    Preparation to Operate This Recorder DVD-RW DVD-RW DVD-R DVD VIDEO VIDEO CD AUDIO CD CD-R CD-RW VR MODE VIDEO MODE Buttons used for this operation. Buttons with the same name on the Recorder and remote control will perform the same operation. Buttons on Remote Control VIDEO Plus + Buttons on Recorder...
  • Page 33: Time Shift Viewing/Chasing Playback

    Time Shift Viewing/Chasing Playback With this Recorder, you can enjoy Time Shift Viewing and Chasing Playback—distinctive features of a HDD. 1 Time Shift Viewing 2 Chasing Playback While you are watching a programme, the phone rings..At You return home earlier than expected while timer recording times like this, you can pause the programme at the press of is in progress..
  • Page 34: Time Shift Viewing

    Time Shift Viewing/Chasing Playback Time Shift Viewing Chasing Playback Press | PLAY during recording. Press TIME SHIFT while viewing a programme. • Playback starts from the beginning of the programme being recorded. • Pause screen will be displayed in a (Chasing Playback) few seconds.
  • Page 35: Recording To Hdd

    Recording to HDD Recording Programmes to This section explains recording on the hard disc (HDD). (For information on HDD for High Speed Dub- recording to DVD, see page 35.) bing from HDD to DVD-RW/R in Video Mode Confirming Remaining Time for Recording •...
  • Page 36: Direct Recording To Hdd

    Recording to HDD REC PAUSE icon Direct Recording to HDD Explained below is the standard procedure Press REC PAUSE to resume for recording the programme being viewed recording. onto HDD. • A maximum of 12 hours can be recorded Press REC STOP to stop record- onto HDD in one direct recording session.
  • Page 37: Recording To Dvd

    Recording to DVD Tamper Proof This section explains recording on the DVD (For information on recording to • You can set Tamper Proof to prevent HDD, see page 33.) operations by mistake during recording or timer recording. 1 Press and hold TAMPER PROOF (ON Checking Remaining Time SCREEN and DISPLAY together) for and Other Information...
  • Page 38 Recording to DVD Set a DVD-RW or DVD-R disc. NOTE • When a new DVD-RW disc not • Data is still written to the disc after recording initialized yet is set, VR mode is stopped, and so you may be unable to initializing starts automatically.
  • Page 39: Setting Recording Mode (Hdd/Dvd)

    Setting Recording Mode (HDD/DVD) • HDD recording time is approximate measure. DVD recording time is approximate measure using 4.7GB disc. • This does not guarantee the length of recording time. Actual recording time may be shorter than that indicated below depending on image quality and other aspects.
  • Page 40: Setting The Manual Recording Mode (Mn)

    Setting Recording Mode (HDD/DVD) Setting the Manual Direct Recording the TV programme you are Recording Mode (MN) watching DVD-RW DVD-RW DVD-R VR MODE VIDEO MODE DVD-RW DVD-RW DVD-R You can set the manual recording mode VR MODE VIDEO MODE which is used when you select “MN XX” with Important! REC MODE.
  • Page 41: Timer Recording

    Timer Recording Timer Recording with Press SET/ENTER to confirm. ® system 1 / 4 DA T E P R S T A R T S T OP DVD-RW DVD-RW DVD-R 2 5 / 1 2 W 1 2 : 3 5 3 : 0 5 F H VR MODE VIDEO MODE...
  • Page 42 Timer Recording Press ' / " to select “VPS/PDC”, • You can also access the S system menu by performing the following procedure: then use \ / | to turn the VPS/ 1 Press START MENU. PDC setting ON(“∗ ∗ ∗ ∗ ∗ ”)/OFF(“-”). 2 Press ' ' ' / "...
  • Page 43: Timer Recording By Specifying Date, Time And Channel

    Timer Recording Timer Recording by Press SET/ENTER to display today’s date. Specifying Date, Time and Channel 1 / 4 DA T E P R S T A R T S T OP DVD-RW DVD-RW DVD-R 2 5 / 1 2 - - - - : - - F H VR MODE...
  • Page 44 Timer Recording Press ' / " or the Number (When you select “D:DVD” in step buttons to enter the stop time, 12 , ensure the recordable DVD- then press |. RW/R is inserted into the • For example for 13:05 stop, press 1 3 Recorder) Press TIMER ON/OFF 0 5.
  • Page 45: Confirm, Change And Cancel A Timer Programme

    Timer Recording Changing Confirm, Change and Cancel a Timer Programme Follow steps 1 to 3 of “Confirming” described left. DVD-RW DVD-RW DVD-R VR MODE VIDEO MODE Press ' / " to highlight the timer The operation method is the same for both HDD and DVD.
  • Page 46: Dubbing (Hdd/Dvd)

    Dubbing (HDD/DVD) Dubbing Method and Dubbing Limitation during Dubbing Types Stopping Dubbing in the Middle • When dubbing “Copy Once” enabled programme from You can dub from HDD to DVD and DVD to HDD. It is HDD to DVD-RW (CPRM compatible) is stopped in the recommended to dub important programmes recorded on middle, the part that was dubbed will be erased from HDD to DVD for safe keeping.
  • Page 47: Dubbing From Hdd To Dvd

    Dubbing (HDD/DVD) Title Name and Chapter Mark Copied • When you record a programme with bilingual broadcast with “HI SP DUB PRIORITY” set to “YES”, either “L CH” or during Dubbing “R CH” audio is recorded. See page 93 for details. •...
  • Page 48: Dubbing (Hdd↔Dvd)/ High Speed Dubbing (Hdd¡Dvd)

    Dubbing (HDD/DVD) When “MANUAL SETTING (MN)” is Dubbing (HDD↔DVD)/ selected: • Set picture quality with \ \ \ \ \ / | | | | | , then press High Speed Dubbing SET/ENTER. (Picture quality can be (HDD¡DVD) selected from 32 levels.) DUBBING HDD ORIGINAL s DVD DVD-RW...
  • Page 49 Dubbing (HDD/DVD) To Stop Dubbing Press DUBBING. • You can also stop dubbing by pressing ISTOP/LIVE or REC STOP. NOTE Dubbing Titles Recorded to HDD to Multiple DVDs • Operate Edit (page 74) to create Play List and dub Play List as a unit. (Example: Dubbing programmes more than 6 hours long like a Christmas special in recording mode you set.) If the original is dubbed as...
  • Page 50: Eliminating Problems (Recording, Timer Recording, Dubbing)

    Eliminating problems (Recording, Timer Recording, Dubbing) When You Cannot Record Problem Suggested Solution • No disc in the Recorder. • Load recordable DVD. • Unrecordable disc is loaded. • Not enough disc capacity. • Load recordable DVD with enough capacity. •...
  • Page 51 Eliminating problems (Recording, Timer Recording, Dubbing) When You Cannot Timer Record Problem Suggested Solution • No disc in the Recorder. • Load recordable DVD. • Load recordable DVD with enough capacity. • Unrecordable disc is loaded. • Not enough disc capacity. •...
  • Page 52: Hdd Playback

    HDD Playback REC LIST: If you select the programme you NOTE want to watch from the list of recorded • The final few seconds may not be played programmes (REC LIST) and press SET/ back, depending on how the recording was ENTER, playback will begin.
  • Page 53: Playback From Rec List

    HDD Playback About REC LIST Playback from REC LIST When the REC LIST is displayed, you can use the following functions by pressing Blue (A) or Red (B) on the remote control. Press HDD to select HDD mode. • The HDD button on the front of the •...
  • Page 54: Playback By Selecting Title Number (Direct Playback)

    HDD Playback Playback by Selecting Title Number (Direct Playback) You can start playback from the title you want to see. Press HDD to select HDD mode. • The HDD button on the front of the Recorder lights up. Press DIRECT while playback stops or during playback.
  • Page 55: Other Types Of Playback

    HDD Playback Still Picture Playback/ Other Types of Playback Frame Advance Playback This feature enables still playback and frame • This section explains other types of HDD advance playback. playback operations. STILL/PAUSE during Press Fast Forward/Reverse playback. (Search) • Playback pauses. •...
  • Page 56 HDD Playback Switching Audio Press SET/ENTER. Example: Repeat playback of a title You can change the audio output channel (TITLE) during HDD playback. Each time AUDIO is pressed, the audio channels change. TITLE REPEAT • The way audio channels change differs depending on the sound recorded on HDD.
  • Page 57: Dvd/Cd Playback

    DVD/CD Playback Press ' / " / \ / | to select the This section explains playback of DVD-RW/R discs recorded with this Recorder, commer- title (or chapter) you wish to view. cially available DVD Video discs (like movies) REC LIST(DVD ORIGINAL) and CDs.
  • Page 58: Dvd Video Playback

    DVD/CD Playback Press ' / " to select the title. Audio CD/Video CD Playback Press SET/ENTER. VIDEO CD AUDIO CD • Playback of the selected title will begin. Preparation To stop playback, press ISTOP/ Press DVD and load a disc. LIVE.
  • Page 59: Other Types Of Playback

    DVD/CD Playback Playback by Selecting a Other Types of Playback Title (Track) Number (Direct DVD-RW DVD-RW DVD-R DVD VIDEO VIDEO CD Playback) VR MODE VIDEO MODE AUDIO CD Press DIRECT, then select title (track) number to play back. See page 52 for details. •...
  • Page 60: Switching Subtitles

    DVD/CD Playback Press ' / " to select the subtitles Press SET/ENTER when you reach the scene you want to end you want to see. Repeat Playback. • You can select by pressing SUB- TITLE. • The end point of the part (B) will be •...
  • Page 61: Playback By Selecting With The Menu In The Dvd

    DVD/CD Playback Press ' / " / \ / | to select the Fast Forward/Reverse • You cannot perform Fast Forward/Fast title, then press SET/ENTER. Reverse over a boundary between titles. • The selected title is played back. At the end or beginning of the title, Fast NOTE Forward/Fast Reverse will be cancelled and normal playback will be selected...
  • Page 62: Mp3 File Playback

    MP3 File Playback CD-R CD-RW To Play Another File (music title) during NOTE • When the DV input is selected, discs Playback cannot be played back if “DV LINK” is set to “ON”. You can enjoy other sounds by Press ISTOP/LIVE to stop switching to other channels.
  • Page 63: Settings During Playback

    Settings During Playback Function Control Operation Function Control Procedure DVD-RW DVD-RW DVD-R DVD VIDEO VR MODE VIDEO MODE This lets you make various settings at once, Press FUNCTION (under the like subtitle and angle setting, and title cover) during playback. selection for Direct Playback.
  • Page 64 Then press SET/ENTER. • There is one setting level on the “soft” side and 3 setting levels on the “sharp” side. • If you want to enjoy a more defined picture (with detailed pictures), press | | | | | while “ON” is displayed for Digital Super Picture.
  • Page 65: Simultaneous Recording/Playback Function

    Simultaneous Recording/Playback Function DVD-RW DVD-RW DVD-R DVD VIDEO Playing Back a Title on VR MODE VIDEO MODE VIDEO CD AUDIO CD the HDD during DVD Plays back from HDD, DVD or CD while Recording (Simultaneous recording a programme onto HDD. Recording/Playback) Viewing the Programme Press HDD during DVD recording.
  • Page 66: Function Menu

    Function Menu How to Use the FUNCTION MENU Allows you to call up “HI SP DUB PRIORITY” from REC LIST and cancel High Speed Dubbing Priority setting. • The FUNCTION MENU can be called up during HDD playback. Press REC LIST or select REC LIST in “START MENU”...
  • Page 67: Editing (Hdd/Dvd)

    Editing (HDD/DVD) About Editing Editing Procedure Content that can be edited and editing operations vary Basic procedure for editing an original title according to the recording mode. recorded in VR mode Recordings on HDD, or on DVD-RW in Load a disc. VR mode Select the title to be edited, and edit.
  • Page 68: Switching Between Original And Play List (Play Lists Can Be Created Only For Hdd Or Vr Mode)

    Editing (HDD/DVD) Edit Screen Switching between Title being Original and Play List edited EDIT(HDD ORIGINAL) (Play Lists can be created only Chapter ERASE SCENE for HDD or VR mode) being edited CHANGE TITLE NAME CHANGE THUMBNAIL 00: 00: 02 DIVIDE CHAPTER Switching when the Re- SPECIFY ERASE Time being...
  • Page 69: Editing An Original Title (Hdd/Dvd)

    Editing an Original Title (HDD/DVD) Press ' / " to select “ERASE Erasing Unnecessary SCENE”, then press SET/ENTER. Scenes from an Original • The selected title is paused. EDIT(HDD ORIGINAL) Title (ERASE SCENE) DVD-RW ERASE SCENE CHANGE TITLE NAME VR MODE CHANGE THUMBNAIL 00 : 00: 00 DIVIDE CHAPTER...
  • Page 70 Editing an Original Title (HDD/DVD) Searching for the Start Press Red (B) (CONFIRMING) to Point and End Point Scenes confirm the contents. • The title is played back without the The following playback operations are scene to be erased. available when searching for the start point Press Yellow (D) (ERASE) to and end point scenes.
  • Page 71: Inputting/Changing Title Name

    Editing an Original Title (HDD/DVD) Change Title Name. Inputting/Changing Title Input field (Displays title name. Name (CHANGE TITLE Can input and change title name.) NAME) Cursor (Displays the position to input characters.) DVD-RW DVD-RW DVD-R VR MODE VIDEO MODE Displays input characters. •...
  • Page 72: Changing Thumbnail (Change Thumbnail)

    Editing an Original Title (HDD/DVD) 1 1 1 1 1 Press ' / " to select Changing Thumbnail “CHANGE THUMBNAIL”. (CHANGE THUMBNAIL) EDIT(HDD ORIGINAL) DVD-RW VR MODE ERASE SCENE CHANGE TITLE NAME Changes the still frame picture displayed at CHANGE THUMBNAIL 00 : 00 : 00 DIVIDE CHAPTER the Thumbnail screen of the REC LIST to your...
  • Page 73: Making Sections In A Title (Divide Chapter)

    Editing an Original Title (HDD/DVD) Press |PLAY to start playback. Making Sections in a Title EDIT(HDD ORIGINAL) (DIVIDE CHAPTER) ERASE SCENE DVD-RW CHANGE TITLE NAME VR MODE CHANGE THUMBNAIL 00 : 00 :01 DIVIDE CHAPTER Divides a title into multiple chapters and SELECT POSITION make editing and dubbing of chapter as unit TO DIVIDE...
  • Page 74: Combining Chapters Together

    Editing an Original Title (HDD/DVD) Combining Chapters Disabling Title Edit and Together Erase (TITLE PROTECT) (COMBINE CHAPTERS) DVD-RW VR MODE DVD-RW Disables edit and erase so you cannot VR MODE mistakenly change or erase the content of a Combines two adjacent chapters into a single title.
  • Page 75: Erasing All Titles

    Editing an Original Title (HDD/DVD) Erasing All Titles Erasing by Selecting a Title (or Chapter) DVD-RW DVD-RW DVD-R VR MODE VIDEO MODE DVD-RW DVD-RW DVD-R This erases the entire contents of a HDD or VR MODE VIDEO MODE DVD-RW. (Except titles for which title protect Allows you to select titles to erase, and erase has been set.) them in a batch.
  • Page 76: Editing A Play List (Hdd/Dvd)

    Editing a Play List (HDD/DVD) 1 1 1 1 1 Press ' / " to select “COPY Creating a Play List TITLE/CHAPTER”. 2 2 2 2 2 Press SET/ENTER. DVD-RW VR MODE • “REC LIST” (Thumbnail) screen of the original appears. You can create a Play List by copying a title or chapter units from an original.
  • Page 77: Adding A Scene From An Original To A Play List (Add Scene)

    Editing a Play List (HDD/DVD) Find the place where you want to Adding a Scene from an end copying, then press SET/ Original to a Play List ENTER. • If you press RETURN, you can (ADD SCENE) reselect the start point. DVD-RW EDIT(HDD ORIGINAL) VR MODE...
  • Page 78 Editing a Play List (HDD/DVD) Adding a Title or Chap- • When the start point is set to near the beginning of a chapter, the beginning of the chapter will be selected as the 1 1 1 1 1 Select “ADD CHAPTER/TITLE”, start point.
  • Page 79: Changing The Title Sequence (Move Title)

    Editing a Play List (HDD/DVD) Press SET/ENTER. Changing the Title • If a point prior to the selected title is Sequence (MOVE TITLE) selected as the destination, the title will move to the point immediately DVD-RW prior to the selected title. VR MODE •...
  • Page 80: Erasing Unnecessary Scenes (Erase Scene)

    Editing a Play List (HDD/DVD) Erasing Unnecessary Making Sections in a Title Scenes (ERASE SCENE) (DIVIDE CHAPTER) DVD-RW DVD-RW VR MODE VR MODE Selects and erases unnecessary scenes. Divides a title into multiple chapters. This Even if you erase a scene in a play list, this makes editing and dubbing in chapter units will not affect the original video.
  • Page 81: Enjoying High Quality Sounds

    Enjoying High Quality Sounds Playing 2 Channel Audio with an Playing Dolby Digital, Analogue Connection DTS or MPEG Audio with a Digital Connection The Recorder • Connecting an amplifier with a Dolby Digital/DTS/MPEG Audio digital surround processor or a Dolby Digital/DTS/ MPEG Audio digital surround amplifier to the Recorder’s coaxial or optical DIGITAL AUDIO Output jack (terminal) provides richer, more powerful audio play.
  • Page 82: Playing 2 Channel Audio With A Digital Connection

    Enjoying High Quality Sounds Digital Connection to an MD Recorder or Playing 2 Channel Audio with a Other Audio Equipment without a Dolby Digital Connection Digital Decoder Audio CD or Video CD The Recorder • You can enjoy these discs by playing them back by the ordinary playback procedure.
  • Page 83: Recording From External Equipment

    Recording from External Equipment Input of Video, Audio and Data Signals Recording from a Digital Æ Date and time data as well as the contents of cassette Camcorder Using i.LINK memory cannot be recorded with this Recorder. Æ Video and audio signals of protected material or DVD-RW DVD-RW DVD-R...
  • Page 84 Recording from External Equipment Recording with This Recorder (DV Important! Capture) Abnormal images may be recorded or the Recorder enters the Pause mode when any of the following Press HDD or DVD to select the media to occur during DV capture. record to.
  • Page 85: Recording From A Camcorder (Vcr) Using An Analogue Connection

    Recording from External Equipment Press HDD or DVD to select the media to Recording from a Camcorder record to. (VCR) Using an Analogue Select audio to be input from the external Connection device. To record to HDD DVD-RW DVD-RW DVD-R •...
  • Page 86: Function Setting

    Function Setting Functions under OTHER SETTINGS 1 This section explains various settings relating to recording and playback which can be used to get more out of the Recorder. • For details about each setting, see the corresponding pages. REC. FUNCTION s page 84 VIEW/PLAY SETTING s page 86 ADJUSTMENT s page 88 REC.
  • Page 87: Basic Operation For Rec. Function Setting

    Function Setting Basic Operation for REC. FUNCTION Setting This operation is available in both HDD mode and DVD mode. Example: Setting “EXTERNAL AUDIO” under “REC. FUNCTION” 1 1 1 1 1 Press START MENU to display “START MENU” screen. 2 2 2 2 2 Press ' / " / \ / | to select “OTHER SETTINGS 1”, then press SET/ENTER.
  • Page 88: View/Play Setting

    Function Setting VIEW/PLAY SETTING PASSWORD PASSWORD SETTING • This sets the password for setting or changing Parental Control. 4 digit number DVD PLAY PARENTAL CONTROL SETTING • This lets you set Parental Control depending on disc content. OFF, LEVEL:1-8 • Level 1: For most restricted viewing → Level 8: For adult viewing (The smaller the number, the greater the level of restriction.) COUNTRY CODE •...
  • Page 89: Basic Operation For View/Play Setting

    Function Setting Password Setting Basic Operation for 1 1 1 1 1 Select “PASSWORD SETTING” in VIEW/PLAY SETTING step 3 , then press SET/ENTER. 2 2 2 2 2 Press \ / | to select “YES”, then This operation is available in both HDD mode and DVD mode.
  • Page 90: Adjustment

    Function Setting ADJUSTMENT TV MODE VIDEO/ AUDIO SET- • If you switch your TV (i.e. because you have bought a new one) and WIDE 16:9 TING the screen size of the connected TV changes, you will have to change NORMAL 4:3 the “TV MODE”...
  • Page 91: Alternate Recording

    Function Setting ADJUSTMENT DNR (DIGITAL NOISE REDUCTION) VIDEO/ AUDIO SET- • This lets you reduce noise for an easier to view picture when noise in TING the played back image is bothering you. It is recommended to set this to “ON” when playing back video recorded in long play modes like LP mode or EP mode, and to “OFF”...
  • Page 92: Blue Screen

    Function Setting ADJUSTMENT LCD BACKLIGHT REC. OPTION SETTING • This sets whether to turn the LCD backlight on or off during timer recording. This sets so that the LCD backlight remains lit, even during timer recording. YES: This lets you turn off the LCD backlight only when the power is off (standby state) and timer recording starts.
  • Page 93: Basic Operation For Adjustment Setting

    Function Setting Basic Operation for ADJUSTMENT Setting Example: Setting “VIDEO/AUDIO SETTING” under “ADJUSTMENT” 1 1 1 1 1 Press START MENU to display START MENU screen. 2 2 2 2 2 Press ' / " / \ / | to select “OTHER SETTINGS 1”, then press SET/ENTER.
  • Page 94: Functions Under Other Settings 2

    Function Setting Functions under OTHER SETTINGS 2 This section explains various settings relating to input/output of video/audio signal, TV channel preset and clock. • For details about each setting, see the corresponding pages. MODE SETTING s page 92 MANUAL TUNING s page 94 CHANNEL SORT s page 94 CLOCK SETTING s page 94 MODE SETTING...
  • Page 95: Basic Operation For Mode Setting

    Function Setting About NICAM/A2 Basic Operation for This recorder can receive and record NICAM MODE SETTING or A2 broadcasts. NICAM broadcasts will be received when “AUTO” is selected in the Example: Setting “NICAM” under “MODE NICAM setting. Depending on the received SETTING”...
  • Page 96: Manual Tuning

    CHXX • For details, see “Channel Setting” on page 26. FINE TUNING • This lets you obtain sharp colour picture. DECODER • If there have a separate decoder connected to the L2 terminal of the Recorder, set this function to “ON” in order to record the unscrambled signal and/or watch it on your TV.
  • Page 97: Initialization

    Function Setting Initialization Finalization Before recording to DVD-RW, initialize the disc in VR mode Finalization is done so that a recorded DVD-RW/R disc can or Video mode. be played back with other recorders. You can also initialize the HDD. Initialize the HDD only after dubbing important recordings onto DVD-RW/R disc(s).
  • Page 98: Basic Operation For Initialize/Finalize

    Function Setting 1 1 1 1 1 Press \ / | to select “YES”, Basic Operation for then press SET/ENTER. INTIALIZE/FINALIZE • Initializing (or finalizing) will be executed. Example: Setting “DVD VR MODE INIT.” (VR INITIALIZE mode) DVD VR MODE INIT. DVD VIDEO MODE INIT.
  • Page 99: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting The following problems do not always suggest a defect or malfunction of this Recorder. Perform the checks listed below before calling customer service tel. no. 0820 856 333. Problem Suggested Solution The Recorder power does not turn on. • Is the power cord firmly plugged into the AC outlet? •...
  • Page 100 Troubleshooting Problem Suggested Solution The playback screen will be disturbed if DVD video is recorded • This Recorder is compatible with the copy guard of analogue copy protect system. Some discs contain a to a VCR, or played back through a VCR. copy prohibiting signal.
  • Page 101 • If you use the Recorder at a location with low temperature, the HDD may enter the preparation state. Please wait a while. • There may be a problem with the HDD. Contact the nearest service centre approved by Sharp. When a CD is recorded to MD using digital connection, the CD •...
  • Page 102: On-Screen Error Messages

    On-screen Error Messages Messages Relating to DVD Discs and the HDD • The following messages appear on the TV screen in case the disc you tried to playback is not appropriate or the operation is not correct. Error message Possible Error Suggested Solution CANNOT PLAY BACK THIS DISC.
  • Page 103 CAN VIEW LIVE BROADCASTS ONLY. perform an operation which please contact the nearest service CONTACT THE NEAREST SERVICE requires HDD operation, like special centre approved by Sharp as soon CENTRE APPROVED BY SHARP. playback or recording. as possible. SYSTEM ERROR.
  • Page 104 On-screen Error Messages Messages during Dubbing Error message Possible Error Suggested Solution CANNOT HIGH SPEED DUB THIS • Occurs if you attempt high-speed • Perform “Rate Conversion Dub- TITLE. dubbing onto DVD in Video mode of bing”. a title for which “High Speed Dubbing Priority”...
  • Page 105: Glossary

    Glossary Alternate If you set to Exact Recording but the timer recording programme will not fit into a single Recording DVD-RW/R, the Recorder will automatically perform Alternate Recording to HDD. The Recorder will also perform Alternate Recording to HDD if you forget to load a DVD- RW/R.
  • Page 106 Glossary Finalization This is done to enable playback of discs (Video mode) recorded with this Recorder using other DVD-RW and DVD-R compatible DVD players. (We do not guarantee that playback will be possible with all DVD players.) The DVD players which can play back VR mode discs are those with an “ ”...
  • Page 107 Glossary Remote Con- This is the type of the remote control signal for operating the recorder. There are two trol Code types of remote control signal: “Remote Control No. 1” (RC-1) and “Remote Control No. 2” (RC-2). Resume Play- If you stop playback while it is in progress, the Recorder stores the stop position in back memory, and this function lets you playback from that stopping point.
  • Page 108: Specifications

    Specifications General Tuner HDD capacity: ........ 120 GB (DV-HR350F), Channel coverage: ......PAL-B/G: VHF 2–12 80 GB (DV-HR300F) UHF 21–69 Power supply: ......... AC 220-240 V, 50 Hz CATV S1–S41 Power consumption SECAM-L: VHF 2–12 (Normal): ........36 W UHF 21–69 Power consumption CATV B–Q (Standby): ........
  • Page 109 SHARP CORPORATION Imprimé en Malaisie Printed in Malaysia Imprimé sur 100% de papier recyclé. TINS-B256WJZZ Printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper. 04P02-MSK...

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