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Types Of Discs For Recording - Sharp DV-HR300F Operation Manual

Dvd recorder with hard disc
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About DVD
About MP3 file format
MP3 files are audio data compressed in MPEG1 Audio
layer 3 file format. "MP3 files" have ".mp3" as extensions.
(Some files that have ".mp3" extensions or files that have
not been recorded in MP3 format will produce noise or
cannot be played.)
Æ Æ Æ Æ Æ Playing MP3 discs
• The MP3 files are not played in the order they were
• The maximum number of layers which can be
recognized, including files and folders, is 8.
• Some multi-session discs cannot be played.
• It is recommended to record data at a lower speed as
data recorded at fast speed can produce noise and
may not be able to be played.
• The more folders there are, the longer the reading
• Depending on the folder tree, reading MP3 files can
take time.
• Folder or track (file) names are limited to 8 characters.
Folder or track (file) names that go over 8 characters
will be abbreviated. (Certain letters or symbols in
folder names or title name may not be displayed.)
• The playing time may not be correctly displayed
during MP3 file playback.
Æ Æ Æ Æ Æ The following files cannot be played on this
• Discs that have more than 257 folders or 1,000 files.
• When both Audio CD format and MP3 files format are
recorded on a disc. (The disc is recognized to be an
Audio CD and only tracks in the Audio CD format are
played back.)

Types of Discs for Recording

• DVD-RW and DVD-R discs can be recorded with this
Recorder. The recording format that can be selected may
vary according to the disc version and type of disc.
• Make sure to use a disc that has the words "For Video" or
"For Recording" on the disc or disc jacket for recording
and playback with this Recorder.
Disc Type
DVD-RW Ver. 1.1
DVD-RW Ver. 1.1
DVD-RW Ver. 1.1/2g
DVD-R Ver. 2.0
DVD-R Ver. 2.0/4g
DVD-RW Discs
• DVD-RW discs are available in Ver. 1.1, Ver. 1.1
(CPRM compatible) or Ver. 1.1/2g (CPRM
• When a disc has been recorded in the VR mode, it
can be recorded and erased repeatedly. Erasure also
allows the recording time to be increased.
• When a disc has been recorded in the Video mode,
additional recording is possible until the disc is full.
The recording time does not increase
are erased, but if the disc is initialized (see pages 13
and 95) full recording time is possible.
Recording time can only be increased when the last
title is erased (titles cannot be erased after a disc
has been finalized).
DVD-R Discs
• DVD-R discs can only be recorded in the Video
• Although additional recordings can be made until the
disc is full, disc space does not increase even if titles
are erased (because erasure here refers only to
making the titles not visible).
• Although these discs can be played back with other
DVD players once they have been finalized, the discs
can no longer be recorded or erased after they have
been finalized.
• Discs can be additionally recorded and edited with
this Recorder only until they are finalized.
Recording Format
VR mode
Video mode
even if titles



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