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Features - Sharp DV-HR300F Operation Manual

Dvd recorder with hard disc
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DVD-RW/R recording/playback
with outstanding compatibility
• This Recorder is compatible with digital recording
on rewritable DVD-RW discs and one-time record-
able DVD-R discs. It has two recording formats: "VR
(Video Recording) mode" which has a wealth of
editing functions, and "Video mode" which can be
played back with existing DVD players. This lets you
enjoy recording and dubbing to suit your purpose.
High picture quality design (Used
in all hard disc and DVD modes)
VBR (Variable Bit Rate) recording
• Constantly maintains optimal high picture quality by
varying the bit rate (amount of video data) for each
scene depending on the video content (e.g. whether
movement is fast or slow).
A variety of hard disc t DVD
dubbing functions
1High speed dubbing*
Enables high speed dubbing from hard disc to DVD
so you can enjoy creating your own video library.
For high speed dubbing, use discs conforming to DVD-RW
Ver. 1.1/2g or DVD-R Ver. 2.0/4g.
2Rate conversion dubbing
The mode can be selected from 32 levels just like
recording mode. This enables recording at the
optimal picture quality, given the remaining empty
space on the disc.
3Exact dubbing
This automatically adjusts to the optimal record
mode so that the material is dubbed exactly into the
remaining area on the disc.
The time normally required for a programme of an hour
on High Speed Dubbing to a double speed compatible
Recording Mode
Approx. 2g
Approx. 4g
Approx. 8g
Approx. 12g
Time Required
Approx. 30 min
Approx. 15 min
Approx. 7.5 min
Approx. 5 min
"Time Shift Viewing", "Chasing
Playback" and "Simultaneous
Recording/Playback" —functions
you can only get with a hard disc
1Time shift viewing
While you are watching a programme, the phone
rings.... At times like this, you can pause the
programme being broadcast at the press of a
button, and then watch the rest of the programme
at your leisure after you finish your phone call. You
can also switch to the current broadcast scene just
by pressing ISTOP/LIVE button.
2Chasing playback
You return home earlier than expected while timer
recording is in progress.... At times like this, you
don't have to wait for recording to end. You can
immediately view the programme from the begin-
3Simultaneous recording/playback
Even while recording to the hard disc, you can
enjoy playback of a DVD, or programmes already
recorded on hard disc. You don't have to wait for
recording to finish.
Comprehensive editing functions
(Only titles recorded on the hard disc or in VR
mode on DVD-RW can be edited.)
1Play list edit
This lets you gather only the needed parts (i.e. a
"Play List") from a recorded original video (title). You
can rearrange scenes and combine them with other
scenes, or rearrange titles. This is convenient when
you want to dub and save only the necessary
scenes and titles.
2Chapter edit
This lets you divide a title into chapter units during
recording/playback or using the edit screen. After
dividing, a list of recordings (thumbnails) can be
displayed in chapter units, so you can copy, erase
or dub to the play list in chapter units.
3Erase Scene
This lets you erase unnecessary scenes. This is
convenient when you want to cut out the commer-
cials in a recorded programme before dubbing.
4Batch erasing of titles/chapters
Titles and chapters which become unnecessary
after editing can be batch erased by selecting them
from the list of recordings (thumbnails).
5Edit undo function*
If you mistakenly erase data during editing, this
function lets you restore it to its immediately
preceding state, just like "Undo" on a PC, so you
can edit worry-free.
Edit undo can only be used once. It only works when
"UNDO" is assigned to a coloured button (green) dis-
played on the screen.



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