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Glossary - Sharp DV-HR300F Operation Manual

Dvd recorder with hard disc
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Chasing Play-
Copy Guard
Digital Gamma
Digital Super
Disc Menu
Dolby Digital
Dolby Digital
Output Level
Dolby Virtual
Exact Dubbing
Exact Record-
If you set to Exact Recording but the timer recording programme will not fit into a single
DVD-RW/R, the Recorder will automatically perform Alternate Recording to HDD.
The Recorder will also perform Alternate Recording to HDD if you forget to load a DVD-
Recorded onto some DVD discs are scenes which have been simultaneously shot from
a number of different angles (the same scene is shot from the front, from the left side,
from the right side, etc.). With such discs, you can select the angle on Function Control
Screen to view the scene from different angles.
These numbers are recorded on DVD discs. A title is subdivided into many sections,
each of which is numbered, and specific parts of video presentations can be searched
quickly using these numbers.
This function lets you playback and view a programme while it is being recorded onto
This function prevents copying. You cannot record software or broadcast programmes
marked by the copyright holder with a signal which limits copying.
Corrects for gradations in dark areas of images to make images clearer.
Enhances the fine detail of the image and outlines of the objects it contains.
This lets you select things like the subtitle language or overdub audio using a menu
stored on the DVD video disc.
A sound system developed by Dolby Laboratories Inc. that gives movie theatre ambi-
ence to audio output when the product is connected to a Dolby Digital processor or
Setting that increases the average volume of Dolby Digital audio when playing a DVD.
This lets you enjoy Surround audio via analogue connection with a stereo (2ch) TV or
audio equipment.
This is a digital sound system developed by Digital Theater Systems for use in cinemas.
This system uses 6 audio channels and provides accurate sound field positioning and
realistic acoustics. (By connecting a DTS Digital Surround decoder, you can also listen
to DTS Digital Surround sound.)
This function is used when dubbing from HDD to DVD. It automatically selects the
recording mode according to the recording time of the title so that the recording will fit
into a single disc.
This function automatically changes the recording mode to prevent recordings from
running out before they are finished due to a lack of available DVD disc space by
comparing the available disc space and the time required for the timer recording.



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