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Initialization and Finalization

Initialization (Formatting)

Initialization is required when using DVD-RW discs in the Video mode. (See page 95 for details about Initializa-
When an unused DVD-RW disc is placed in the Recorder immediately after the disc has been purchased, the Recorder is set
to automatically begin initializing in the VR mode. The settings can also be changed so that discs are initialized in the Video
mode (page 95).
When using a DVD-RW disc in the Video mode without changing this setting, initialize the disc in the Video mode after first
completing initialization in the VR mode (page 95).
• Initialization causes the entire previously recorded contents of the disc to be erased.
• It takes about 1 minute to 1 minute and 30 seconds for initialization to be completed.

Allowing Discs to Be Played Back with Other DVD Players (Finalization)

Discs must always be finalized in order to play them back with another DVD player after having been recorded in
the Video mode. (See page 95 for details about Finalization)
Finalize discs on which all recordings have been completed so that they can be viewed with another DVD player or a DVD
Video compatible PC. Discs that are not finalized may not be able to be played back with other DVD players or DVD Video
compatible PCs. (However, this does not guarantee that finalized discs can be played back on all DVD players or DVD Video
compatible PCs.)
• Finalizing a DVD-R disc prevents all recording and editing of that disc.
• Although DVD-RW discs can be re-recorded by initializing even after they have been recorded in the Video mode and
finalized, all previously recorded contents are erased.
• Finalization is required if a disc recorded in the VR mode cannot be played back with a DVD-RW compatible player. (Discs
formatted in the VR mode can be recorded and edited even after finalization.)
• Finalization takes from several minutes to about an hour. (Processing takes longer if there is considerable available space
on the disc.)
The following operations may cause malfunction.
• Operating discs recorded or edited by this Recorder in a DVD recorder or PC's DVD drive manufactured by other manu-
• Using the discs in above situation again with this Recorder.
• Operating discs recorded or edited by a DVD recorder or PC's DVD drive made by other manufacturers than the one for
this Recorder.

About the Contents of the Disc

Title, Chapter and Track

• DVDs are divided into "Titles" and "Chapters". If the disc
has more than one movie on it, each movie would be a
separate "Title". "Chapters", on the other hand, are
subdivisions of titles. (See Example 1.)
• Video CDs and Audio CDs are divided into "Tracks". You
can think of a "Track" as one tune on an Audio CD. (See
Example 2.)
Recording on a DVD-RW/R disc
• One recording is treated as one title and the chapters will
be inserted automatically every 10 minutes. You can
choose the chapter interval from the following: 10
minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or off (page 84).
• Each title, chapter and track will be numbered in order.
Title, chapter and track may not be numbered in some
Recording on a DVD-RW disc in VR mode
• When you pause during recording or erase the scene using edit function, chapter marks will be inserted automatically. You
can also insert chapter marks at your favorite scenes (page 71).
Recording in Video mode
• You cannot insert chapter marks at your favorite scenes.
Example 1: DVD
Title 1
Example 2: Video CD or Audio CD
Track 1
Track 2
Title 2
Track 3
Track 4
Track 5


Table of Contents

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