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Recording Formats; Recording Time; Disc Remaining Time - Sharp DV-HR300F Operation Manual

Dvd recorder with hard disc
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Recording Formats

• There are two recording formats available with this
Recorder: the VR mode and the Video mode.
• The recording format that can be selected may differ
depending on the disc. Refer to the section on Types of
Discs for Recording (page 10).
• Recording in the VR mode and Video mode cannot be
mixed on one disc.
VR (Video Recording) Mode
The VR mode is the basic DVD-RW recording format,
and lets you enjoy the various editing functions
available with this Recorder.
• When a disc has been recorded in the VR mode, it can
be recorded and erased repeatedly. Erasure also allows
the recording time to be increased.
• Recorded discs can only be played back with DVD-RW
compatible DVD players
• "Copy Once" programmes can also be recorded
• Although there are some cases in which the disc must
be finalized, the disc can be recorded and erased
after it has been finalized.
• DVD-RW compatible DVD players have the following
DVD players with this indication have the function of
being able to play back DVD-RW discs recorded in
the VR mode with a DVD recorder.
When using a DVD-RW Ver. 1.1 disc (CPRM compatible).
Recorded programmes cannot be played back with
other DVD players (including DVD-RW players) or DVD
recorders not compatible with CPRM.
Video Mode
This recording format is compatible with commercially
available DVD players and DVD-ROM drives.
• Discs recorded in the Video mode cannot be recorded
repeatedly or their content overwritten.
• When recording in the Video mode, discs can be played
back, additionally recorded and edited only with this
Recorder until they are finalized. Editing functions are
• Discs recorded in the Video mode can be played back
with other DVD players by finalizing them after recording.
(However, this does not guarantee that these discs can
be played back on all DVD players.)
• Recordings onto DVD-RW/R discs using the Video mode
employ a new standard approved by the DVD Forum in
2000, and compatibility with this standard is left to the
discretion of the respective DVD player manufacturer.
Consequently, there are some models of DVD players
and DVD-ROM drives that are unable to play back DVD-
RW/R discs.
• "Copy Once" programmes cannot be recorded.

Recording Time

• The recording mode that can be set varies according to
the recording format. Refer to the table below for the
applicable recording mode.
Recordable Time
About 60 minutes
About 120 minutes
About 240 minutes
About 360 minutes
• Recordable time is based on the recording time when
using a 4.7 GB disc. Since recording capacity varies
according to the recorded material, there may be cases
where there is much more disc space remaining on the
disc when recording is completed.
• Refer to page 37 about the recordable times when you
choose "MN" (manual) Recording mode.
* Since recording to DVD is performed using VBR (variable
bit rate, refer to the section on VBR Control on page 105)
with the exception of some recording modes, recording
time varies according to the material to be recorded.
• Recordable time may be shorter than that indicated above in
the case of recording material of poor image quality such as
broadcasts from televisions with poor reception.
• This does not guarantee the length of recording time. Actual
recording time may be shorter than that indicated above
depending on image quality and other aspects.
• The total of recording time and remaining time may not always
agree with the recordable time of the recording mode.
• Block-like images may become conspicuous during scenes
containing rapid movement due to the characteristics of digital
image compression technology.

Disc Remaining Time

Æ Æ Æ Æ Æ VR mode
• Additional recordings can be made as long as there is
available space on the disc. (Additional recordings
can also be made after the disc is finalized.)
• Erasing unnecessary recordings lets you increase the
remaining time on the disc. (The disc can also be
erased after it has been finalized.)
• When a Play List (see page 74) is created, disc space
will not increase even if portions of titles or titles of
Play List are erased.
Æ Æ Æ Æ Æ Video mode
• Additional recordings can be made with this Recorder
provided there is available space on the disc until the
disc is finalized.
• In case you record on a DVD-RW disc, recordable
time will increase if you erase the last recorded title
unless you finalize the DVD-RW disc.
• In case you record on a DVD-R disc, recordable time
will not increase even if you erase titles (see page 73).
(The erase function only hides the title, it does not
actually erase it. It does not actually delete the
recorded contents.)
About DVD
When you want to record high-
quality images.
This is the standard recording
When you want to record for a long
period of time with slightly lower
image quality.
When you want to place priority on
recording time.



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