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Renault Clio Manual: External Lighting And Signals

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Side lights
Turn the end of stalk 1 to
align the symbol opposite the
mark 3.
The instrument panel lights up. The
brightness of the lights can be
modified by turning wheel 2, if this
feature is fitted to the vehicle.
Before setting out to drive at night:
check that the electrical equipment is in good condition and adjust the headlight beams (if your vehicle is not
carrying its normal load). Check that the lights are not obscured (by dirt, mud, snow or objects which could
cover them).
Dipped beam headlights
Automatic operation
With the engine running, vehicles
fitted with a light sensor, the
dipped beam headlights light up
automatically as light begins to
fade; stalk 1 does not need to be
turned (position 0).
To deactivate or reactivate this
function, move the end of stalk 1
twice consecutively from 0 to side
light position, with the engine
stopped and the ignition on.
Automatic operation (continued)
A bleep confirms the deactivation of
this function, and two bleeps
confirm its reactivation.
Manual operation
Turn the end of stalk 1 until the
symbol appears opposite mark 3.
An indicator light lights up on the
instrument panel in all cases.
Headlight main beam
When the dipped beam
headlights are on, turn stalk 1
towards you (an indicator light
lights up on the instrument panel).
To return to the dipped headlight
position, pull the stalk towards you.
Switching off the lights
Turn the end of stalk 1 back
to its original position.



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