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The right choice
The safety of your children is also
your responsibility.
To give your children maximum
protection, we recommend that you
use seats obtained from a Renault
If your vehicle is equipped with an
Isofix system, it is preferable to use
information in section 1 on the
Isofix system of child seats.)
Restraint systems for all categories
are available. These systems have
been developed in consultation
with the manufacturers and have
been tested in Renault vehicles.
Take the advice of your Renault
Dealer and ask him to help you to
install it.
To avoid any risk to your safety, we recommend that you use
RENAULT approved accessories because they are suitable for your
car and are the only accessories for which RENAULT will provide a
Category 0 and 0+
A child's neck is very susceptible to
injury up to the age of two. In a
front-facing seat there is a risk that a
child will sustain neck injuries in
the event of a frontal collision.
Renault therefore recommends a
rear-facing seat with a harness that
gives all-round protection (figure 1).
Category 1
Between the ages of 2 and 4, a
child's pelvis is not fully developed.
Restraints using three-point belts
are not adequate and there is a risk
abdominal injuries in the event of a
frontal collision. It is therefore
advisable to use rear-facing seats
(figure 1), bucket type seats (figure
2) or seats with harnesses.


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