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• No modifications may be made to the component parts of the restraint system (belts and seats and their
mountings) fitted originally.
• The fitting instructions provided by the manufacturer of the restraint system should be followed carefully.
• Avoid wearing bulky clothing and do not place any objects between the child and the restraint system.
• The seat belt on the vehicle must be taut so that the child's seat is held in position securely. Check the tension
• Never wear the belt under the arm or behind the back.
• The harness or belt should be taut and fitted to suit the child's stature.
• Never allow your child to stand or kneel on the seat when the vehicle is moving.
• Check that the child is in the correct position for the entire journey, particularly when he or she is asleep.
• Use the seat belts to hold the seat in position, even if it is not occupied. Otherwise, if an accident occurs, it may
become dislodged and pose a risk to other vehicle occupants.
• Following a serious accident, have an inspection made of the seat belts and restraint systems fitted at the time.
• Never leave a child unsupervised in a vehicle, even if he or she is in a child seat.
• Activate the rear door locks (if your vehicle is equipped with these).
• Make sure the child does not get out of the vehicle at the side where there is traffic.
• Set your children a good example - always wear your seat belt.



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