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What you should do
• Wash your car frequently, using our
recommended cleaning products
and use a high pressure jet to rinse
off the wheel arches and under the
body to get rid of:
- spots of tree resin and industrial
- bird droppings, which contain
discolour paintwork and may
even cause the paint to peel off;
The vehicle must be washed
immediately to remove these
marks since they cannot be
removed by polishing;
- salt from the wheel arches and
under the body, after the vehicle
has been driven in areas where
the roads are chemically treated;
- mud forming damp patches in
the wheel arches and under the
• Keep well away from the vehicle
in front when driving on a freshly
laid surface to avoid damage to
your paintwork.
• Have patches where the paint has
been damaged repaired quickly to
avoid corrosion spreading.
• If your vehicle is covered by the
Renault anti-corrosion warranty,
remember to visit the bodyshop
periodically. Refer to your vehicle's
Warranty and Servicing booklet.
• Respect local regulations relating
to washing your vehicle (e.g. do
not wash your vehicle on a public
• Before using a revolving brush
type car wash, check the mounting
of exterior equipment, additional
headlights and rear view mirrors.
Secure the wiper blades and radio
aerial with adhesive tape.
Remove the car phone aerial if the
vehicle has one.
• If mechanical components such
as hinges have to be cleaned, their
protection must be reapplied by
spraying on products approved
by Renault's Technical Department.
We have selected special products
to care for your vehicle which
may be obtained from Renault
Accessory Outlets.



This manual also for:

Clio 1.2, Clio

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