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Korg X5DR AI2 Owner's Manual: Performance Applications; Tuning The X5dr To Other Musical Instruments; Changing The Key Velocity Sensitivity; Changing The Note Range

Synthesis system for all digital processing.
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Basic Guide

Performance Applications

Tuning the X5DR to Other Musical Instruments

You should first tune the X5DR if you plan to jam with other musical instruments or play along
with music from CDs or tapes.
Use page 0A MASTER TUNE in Global mode to tune up. The range of the parameter is –50
(427.47Hz) to +50 (452.89Hz). (See page 147)

Changing the Key Velocity Sensitivity

You can set the key velocity sensitivity according to your personal key touch on the MIDI
keyboard. A velocity curve determines the relationship between key touch and changes in volume
or tonal color.
Use the Vel parameter on page 0D CURVE in Global mode to select a velocity curve. The X5DR
has 8 velocity curves.

Changing the Note Range

Use 0B TRANSPOSE in Global mode to change the note range. You can shift the range in
semitones: +12 to move up one octave, and –12 to move down one octave. (See page 147.)
If you wish to transpose each Timbre in a Combination individually, use page 5A and 5B TRANS
of page 103. If you want to transpose each track individually, use page *C Tra. (See page 110.)

Adjusting Effects while Playing

You can adjust some effects during performance. Set the EFFECT Dynamic Modulation
parameter accordingly. (See page 116.)

Changing the Sequence of Programs or Combinations

To change the sequence of Programs or Combinations, use the Program Write function (see
page 99) or the Combination Write function (see page 106) to write the Programs or
Combinations in the desired order. At this time, the existing destination Programs or
Combinations will be lost (overwritten). If you want to keep those Programs or Combinations, first
copy them to different Program or Combination numbers.
You can also change the name of Programs and Combinations. (See page 99, 106.)

Combining Multiple Programs

In order to play multiple Programs simultaneously, or play different Programs in different note
ranges or with different key velocities, assign the Programs to the Timbres in Combination Edit
mode and set the Key Window or Velocity Window parameters. (See page 102, 103.)
You can also combine multiple Programs in Multi mode. When you play these on the MIDI
keyboard, first set the MIDI Channel of the Tracks to the MIDI transmit channel of the MIDI
keyboard. (See page 113.)
You can combine up to eight Programs for a Combination, and up to 16 Programs for Multi mode
setups. The X5DR stores 100 Combinations in its memory, but it does not store Multi mode setups.
Therefore, you may want to store the Multi setup data in a data filer or an equivalent storage device
if you are using the same Multi mode setups repeatedly.


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