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Korg X5DR AI2 Owner's Manual: Creating A Drum Program Using A Rom Drum Kit

Synthesis system for all digital processing.
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Basic Guide
set the key to C7. Now you should be able to play the bell sound in a chromatic scale within the
highest octave (Note numbers 84–95). The sound may become more interesting if you tune it a
little lower and set the decay to –15.

Creating a Drum Program Using a ROM Drum Kit

Follow the procedure below to create a Drum Program when you edit the ROM Drum Kits used
in Programs G129–136.
Copy a Program to Bank A.
Check and confirm the ROM Drum Kit being
Copy the ROM Drum Kit being used to a
RAM Drum Kit.
Edit the copied RAM Drum Kit.
Change the Drum Kit of the copied Program
to the edited RAM Drum Kit.
<<Making Drum Sounds>>
Drum Kits are regarded as a sound source like a Multisound in Programs, which allows you to
fine-tune the sound using the parameters available in Program Edit mode. For example, it is
possible to adjust tonal brightness using the VDF, or to adjust changes in tonal color and level
using the VDF EG and VDA EG respectively, to obtain special effect sounds. You can utilize
effects advantageously by setting the panpot for each index, or adjusting the send C/D levels. For
example, you may apply reverberation to only the snare sound, or apply the flanger effect to only
the hihat sound.
You can play the drum sound of
index #49 in a chromatic scale.
Index #48
025 : RollSnare2/B5
Drum sounds are not assigned
in this range.
You cannot write a Program in Bank G. Select a Program in
Program Play mode, and write the Program using the 16A
page in Program Edit mode.
Check the number of the ROM Drum Kit being used in the
copied Program using the 1A page in Program Edit mode.
Use the 8A page in Global mode to copy the ROM Drum Kit
that you have just checked in Step 2 onto RAM Drum Kit 1 or
2. When the copy function is carried out, the sound of the
Program that previously used the RAM Drum Kit will change.
Edit the RAM Drum Kit in Global mode. Refer to "Editing a
Drum Kit" on page 53 for the editing procedure.
Go back to Program Edit mode, and change the Drum Kit
selection on page 1A. Select the destination RAM Drum Kit 1
or 2 in Step 3, and perform 16A Write function.
Index #49
137:TublBell2 / C7


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