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Korg X5DR AI2 Owner's Manual: Editing A Drum Kit; Preparing To Play A Drum Kit

Synthesis system for all digital processing.
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Editing a Drum Kit

A Drum Kit is a set of drum sounds, each of which is assigned to a key on the keyboard. You can
play a Drum Kit instead of Multisounds by selecting DRUMS for Programs. The Drum sounds on
the X5DR are arranged into 8 Drum Kits in ROM and 2 Drum Kits in RAM. You can edit RAM
kits in Global mode. This section explains how to edit RAM kits.

Preparing to Play a Drum Kit

To play a Drum Kit, you need to select DRUMS for 0A OSC Mode in Program Edit mode. In this
mode, you can select a Drum Kit instead of Multisounds for 1A OSC1 SOUND.
Drum Kit DRUMS
Side stick
Hand clap
Closed hihat
Snare 2
Snare 1
Bass drum
Editing a Drum Kit
Let's edit Drum Kit A19: [ComboKit], which uses one of the RAM Drum Kits (000:Drum Kit 1).
If you wish to edit a ROM Drum Kit, first copy the ROM Drum Kit to one of the RAM Drum Kits
using 8A Copy Drum Kit in Global mode. (See page 56)
Note: Unlike editing Programs or Combinations, editing Drum Kits will automatically change
the Drum Kit settings without having to carry out the save operation. Therefore, be careful when
you are creating an original Drum Kit. If you wish to restore the preset settings (Preset A or B),
do so on page 5A Preset Data Load in Global mode (see page 20, 156).
<< Tips on drum editing>>
Before starting to edit a Drum Kit, we recommend that you select a Program in Program Play
mode, then go to Global mode to edit it. This is because the parameter settings of the Program
selected in Program Play mode are used to produce sound, and depending on the VDF, VDA, or
EG settings of typical Program sounds—such as piano or strings—the drum sounds may change.
For example, if a Program uses a long attack time for the VDA EG, you will not recognize the
sharp attack typical of a drum sound. If you wish to reproduce the edited Drum Kit sound without
any changes, first select the Program that was originally created for use with that Drum Kit. Also,
it should be noted that editing a Drum Kit will change other Program sounds that use the same
Drum Kit. For example, editing Drum Kit 1 will change all Program sounds that use Drum Kit 1
(the Programs for which 000: Drum Kit 1 is selected for OSC1 SOUND).
Pedal hihat
Open hihat
Crash cymbal
High tom
Low tom
When OSC Mode is set to DRUMS
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