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Korg X5DR AI2 Owner's Manual Page 62

Synthesis system for all digital processing.
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Basic Guide
6) Exciter
The exciter effect (28: Exciter) adds new harmonics to a sound, thus producing a subjective
increase in clarity and definition, which helps to make a sound's individual character stand out.
7) Enhancer
The enhancer (29: Enhancer) makes the sound clearer and more defined, giving the sound more
presence and bringing it up front in the mix.
8) Distortion
The X5DR contains two kinds of distortion effects, 30: Dist and 31: OverDrv. The distortion effect
simulates the distortion produced when amplifier circuits are overdriven with excessive signal and
gain levels. You can use these effects not only with guitar sounds but also with rock organ sounds.
9) Phaser
The phaser effect shifts a sound's phase. The X5DR contains two phaser effects, 32: Phaser 1 and
33: Phaser 2. They are similar to the chorus and flanger effects in that both use modulation, but
the manner in which the tonal quality changes is different. They are effective with electric piano,
guitars, and synth sounds with a reasonable sustain.
10) Rotary speaker
This effect (34: Rot.Spk) simulates the rotating speaker effect used in some organs. It is ideal for
use with organ sounds, but it will also create a unique effect with other sounds.
11) Tremolo
The tremolo effect produces regular changes in volume level. The X5DR contains two tremolo
effects, 35: Auto Pan and 36: Tremolo. They create a stereo type tremolo effect suitable for use on
electric pianos and vibraphones.
12) Parametric equalizer
Effect 37: Para.EQ is a three-band parametric equalizer. You can set the cutoff frequency for the
low and high band filters, and center frequency and bandwidth for the mid-band filter, which
allows you to modify the tonal quality of a sound in detail. This effect can be used to simulate the
frequency responses unique to an instrument (resonance of guitars and other string instruments),
as well as to correct the tonal quality.


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