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Korg X5DR AI2 Owner's Manual: After Touch; Control Change

Synthesis system for all digital processing.
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After Touch

While you play the keyboard, pressing the keys harder will control tonal brightness. The X5DR
can receive After Touch message (Channel Pressure).

Control Change

Sending this message allows you to adjust performance conditions, such as the volume level and
pan settings. Each Controller has its own function. The X5DR can receive the following Control
Change messages:
Bank Select (CTRL#0/32)
This changes the Program Bank. Use this message to switch between Banks A and G, and Drum
Modulation (CTRL#1/2)
This adjusts the depth of modulation effects, such as vibrato. The X5DR receives CTRL#1 (Pitch
MG) and CTRL#2 (VDF Cutoff MG).
Pedal (CTRL#4)
This is a message for a pedal controller. The X5DR uses this message to switch between the main
and sub scales.
Data Entry (CTRL#6/38)
This message is used to set the value of the selected parameter by means of RPN. This is also used
to edit the Programs along with Exclusive data.
Volume (CTRL#7)
This message adjusts the volume level. In particular, this is primarily used to adjust the volume
balance between the Timbres/Tracks.
Pan (CTRL#10)
This message sets the panpot A:B (only in Combination Play mode and Multi mode).
Expression (CTRL#11)
This message adjusts the volume level. In particular, it is used to change the volume level over
time for performance expression.
Effect Controller (CTRL#12/13)
This message is used as a dynamic modulation source for the effects. Controller #12 controls
PEDAL 1, and Controller #13 controls PEDAL 2.
Damper (CTRL#64)
This message transmits data from the damper pedal.
EG Time (CTRL#72/73)
This message adjusts the rate of change in envelopes. Use Controller #72 to adjust the Release (the
duration of the sound's decay), and use Controller #73 to adjust the Attack (the attack rate).
Brightness (CTRL#74)
This message adjusts tonal brightness.
Send C/D (CTRL#91/93)
This message adjusts the Send C/D level. In particular, it is used to adjust the depth of the effects.
Controller #91 controls Send C, and Controller #93 controls Send D.
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