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Korg X5DR AI2 Owner's Manual Page 3

Synthesis system for all digital processing.
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A Drum Kit supports the rhythm of a song. Assigning a different drum sound to each key allows
you to create a wide variety of rhythm parts. You can also edit the drum sounds using VDF, VDA,
and effect units.
Extensive Presets Produce a Wide Range of Truly Practical Sounds
The X5DR utilizes various Programs, Combinations, and Drum Kits as Preset data. You can load
the sounds stored in Presets a and b into the Program or Combination memory for immediate use.
The Preset Load operation loads data from all preset sounds to one particular sound slot.
The versatile editing functions of the X5DR let you create original sounds very easily. On the other
hand, it is quite a bit of work to create a good sound from scratch. Given such circumstances,
Preset data can be very handy. You can use the data immediately after you load a sound, choosing
from a broad selection. You can use Preset data just as it is, without modification. You can also use
Preset data as the raw material for sound editing. You may be able to glean a few ideas for
sound-making from the Preset sounds.
Digital Multi-Effects Processors: To Create and Add Dimension to Sounds
The X5DR contains two independent digital multi-effects processors that can produce various
effects such as reverb, delay, EQ, distortion rotary speaker, etc. These effects are very useful when
you want to create a new sound or add dimension to a sound. Some effects are actually a
combination of two effects. Using the X5DR's two independent digital multi-effects processors,
you can use up to four independent effects simultaneously.
The effects processors allow you to apply effects and edit the sounds directly on the X5DR,
instead of connecting external effect units. Placement settings are useful for processing the sound
and adding width or depth to the sound. Each Program and Combination can have its own effect
A wide range of scale types accommodates numerous musical genres
In addition to the conventional equal temperament and pure temperament types of tuning, a wide
variety of scales is also available. These scales include the Werkmeister III, Kirnberger III, Arabic,
and Indonesian scales. These scales cover a broad range of musical genres, from classical to
various ethnic music, and prove extremely useful in the creation of realistic simulations of various
Western music generally uses a twelve-tone equal temperament that allows you to play in any key
and to transpose the key easily. However, the X5DR provides various scale types that will make
the sound of chords and the flow of phrases more beautiful, and which will allow you to perform
music utilizing temperaments other than the equal temperament, including the very complex and
subtle temperaments used in many ethnic musical pieces.
Multi Mode for GM
Since the X5DR conforms to the GM (General MIDI) standard in Multi mode, it can function as
a tone generator for computer music. It can also play GM songs (performance data designed for a
GM tone generator). Using original Programs in Bank A, or utilizing Key Window and Velocity
Window parameters, you can perform high-quality ensemble pieces.
The X5DR can be used as a GM tone generator with standard specifications. You can also combine
different Programs and play original Programs via computer.
Equipped with a personal computer interface
The built-in computer interface enables a direct connection to the serial port of your personal
computer (Apple Macintosh or IBM-PC compatible).
You can connect the X5DR to a computer through either a MIDI connection using a MIDI
interface, or through a direct connection using a serial cable. Using the Korg MIDI Driver will
allow you to control data transmission from MIDI OUT independently of the X5DR tone
generator, or to simultaneously control an external MIDI device.


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