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Korg X5DR AI2 Owner's Manual: Setting Up The Korg Midi Driver For The Macintosh; Midi File Translator

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Setting Up the KORG MIDI Driver for the Macintosh

1. Start up the PatchBay program.
If the program has been installed correctly, the KORG MIDI Driver icon will be displayed inside
the PatchBay window.
2. Double-click on the KORG MIDI Driver icon. The setup dialog box is displayed.
When "KORG PC IF" is selected as the Interface Type, data sent to the Synth Out Port will
produce sound from the X5DR tone generator, while data sent to the MIDI Out Port will be sent
out through the MIDI Out jack on the back panel of the X5DR.
If "1MHz" is selected as the Interface Type, the Synth Out Port will disappear. Messages sent to
the MIDI Out Port will produce sound from the X5DR tone generator and also be sent to the MIDI
Out Jack on the back panel of the X5DR.
3. Set the "Interface Type" for the port to which the X5DR is connected to "KORG PCIF" (or to
"1MHz"). If the X5DR is connected to an ordinary MIDI interface, select a clock rate that matches
the interface (usually this will be 1 MHz).
4. In order to use the Modem or Printer ports, the Corresponding "Port Enabled" box(s) must be
checked. The "Synth Out Port" is available only if "KORG PCIF" has been selected for the
interface type.
5. Pressing the "Out Port Setting" button displays the MIDI Channel dialog box. In this box, you can
select the MIDI channels/messages to be output to each of the ports.
Only channels/messages which have been checked will be output.
6. Drag the mouse from the arrow on the Out Port of the MIDI application (sequencer, etc.) and
connect it to the "Synth Out Port" of the Korg MIDI Driver. Other ports can be connected in the
same way if necessary.
• For information on using the PatchBay program, please refer to the application instruction
manual included with the PatchBay program, or see the description under "About PatchBay..."
in the Apple menu.

MIDI File Translator

MIDI File Translator is an Apple File Exchange translation program that allows Macintosh MIDI
application programs to recognize an MS-DOS standard MIDI file as an SMF (Standard MIDI
• You do not need this application program to operate the KORG MIDI Driver.
Make a copy of MIDI file translator in the folder that contains Apple File Exchange. Select "MIDI
File Translation" in the "MS-DOS
Exchange and insert an MS-DOS disk. If "MIDI File Translation" is not displayed, first select
"Other Conversion Program," then add "MIDI File Translation".
• For details, see the Apple File Exchange documentation in your Apple manual.
Mac" menu that is displayed when you activate Apple File


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