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Korg X5DR AI2 Owner's Manual Page 168

Synthesis system for all digital processing.
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When you switch from Program Play mode to Program Edit mode while 2D MIDI System
Exclusive is set to ENA, the parameters of the Program selected in Program Play mode are
transmitted. If you select a Combination in Combination Play mode, the parameters of that
Combination are transmitted (to the destination set in 2B).
Loading Data with MIDI Data Dump
1) To load the MIDI data back into the X5DR, connect the external MIDI device to the X5DRDR
MIDI IN or a computer's serial port to the X5DR's TO HOST, and make sure that the external
devices MIDI Channel matches the X5DR Global MIDI Channel.
2) If you are loading Program or Combination data, make sure that the respective memory protect
function is set to off. See "3A – 3C Program/Combination Memory Protect & Page Memory" on
page 153.
3) To transfer data, make sure that the channel on the transmit device is set to the Global MIDI
Channel (If you send data saved in the data filer, set the Global MIDI Channel to the Global MIDI
Channel on the transmit device that was selected when you saved the data.). See "MIDI Data
Format" on page 163.
Dump Data Compatibility
Dump data is compatible between the X5DR and X5, although the following parameters are
incompatible since the X5DR does not have a keyboard: Global mode parameters for the X5
keyboard (Local Control, Damper Pedal Polarity, Pedal Assign).
Dump data is compatible between the X5DR and 05R/W, although all the parameters in Multi
mode except for the effect settings are incompatible.
When you send any of Programs that use Multisounds 340-429, and Drum Kits that use drum
sounds 164-214 from the X5DR to the X5 or 05R/W, they are not assigned to Programs, or Drum
Kits on the X5 or 05R/W. Therefore, no sound is produced.
Note: Do not touch any switches on the X5DR during the data dump operation. If you wish to
transmit multiple MIDI dump data files to the X5DR, send them one at a time. Do not try to send
them all at once.
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